Thursday, December 22, 2011

How Do you Hold Someone's Interest and Keep them Coming Back for More?

How do we hold someone's interest?  We love to write, but the key is holding someone's interest and keep them coming back for more.  We want to wet their whistle, tempt them and make sure that they stay and read.

After all, we have worked hard at writing what we love to do.  We want to be able to peak the reader's interest and hold them here by a magnetic force that propells them to stay and wait for more good things to come.  Everyone wants good things.  Don't we all.

I have suddenly learned with Blogger that the more posts you write each day, the more chances that you are going to gain new readers.  Also, it is good to try to follow other bloggers that have the same interests as you.  They say you can go into your profile and click on one of your interests and a list of fellow bloggers will come up who like the same things.

I also discovered a few days ago, while collecting some images from Google Images, that if you click on the link with the picture, some of the blogs will come up.  Other Bloggers on  I was clicking on some of the gothic dolls and found some cool blogs that I think I will go into and perhaps follow them.

So, how do you hold your readers interest?  Well, you want to write about interesting things and maybe help someone learn about something.  You should learn to write effectively.  Write often.  Mix it up.  Add a recipe, write some poetry.  Intoxicate them with the power of your words.  If you are a great writer, and possess the knowledge of things that make good writing, you will gain good followers.

You really do need to know about social bookmarking and gain your followers.  I don't bookmark at a lot of places, but some of my favorites are facebook, twitter, digg, igoogle, myspace, bebo, yahoo groups, and perhaps a few other places.  Pingler has a fairly inexpensive service that will ping your stuff every three days.  I'm not sure how effective that is.  But it's only five bucks a month for their most basic package.
Traffup and You Like Hits are too sites to gain some followers quickly.  I'm waiting for my invite to pinterest.  I'd like to try that too.

Make sure your spelling is up to par.  Nobody wants to read a blog that has all kinds of mistakes in it.  Definitely include a picture or two.  It beefs up the asthetics.  People love to view pictures.  So if you are a good photographer, here is your place to showcase some of your stuff.  I love photography.  I try to use my images for the most part.  Although sometimes I like to go to google images for some cool pictures.   Although, you do have to watch out on the fact that some of the images have low pixels and some sites won't let you use them.  Hubpages is one of the sites that won't accept them.  Wizzley might be another or Wikinut.  I'm new on those two sites and haven't yet had a bad image, but it could happen.

Don't make your posts so long, that your reader gets bored and wants to fly to some other more exciting destination on the web.  Or maybe he or she will just want to turn off the computer and have mad, passionate sex and loving.  Well said.  Everybody probably wants to do that, huh?  Loves Sweetest Temptation should be the cover of every person's love life.

How to make sure that your readers want to continue coming back for more?  How about make your posts different every time.  Different topics.  Yes, you can write about many things if you can set your mind to it.  It is possible, triscuit.

My kids are being really quiet.  Hard to believe.  These are the few days before Christmas, when little minds get frustrated that Christmas won't come so quickly.  Twenty four hours in a day can sometimes go by so slow.  Keep them active and involved in something.  My girls love to make Webkinz videos.  They've been making their own paperdolls. 

My youngest daughter wanted me to sell some of her paperdolls on Ebay.  I told her they probably wouldn't sell while she is little.  Although I did tell her I will take some pictures of her paperdolls and I will include them in some of my Blogger posts.  Maybe that should be part of my agenda tomorrow.

There's a thought.  Agendas.  How do we set them and follow through with all that we want to set out to do?  Stay tuned for another day.

My youngest daughter as a paperdoll.  Julia paperdoll set.

I finished watermarking the site last weekend and now am waiting for my first sales.

Jennifer Jo Fay

December 22, 2011

If anyone likes paperdolls or knows someone who likes paper dolls, check out my paperdoll post on each of my blogs where my paper dolls are for sale:  The Official Paper Doll Blog 

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