Saturday, December 24, 2011

Making Agendas and Following Through

What defines an agenda for you?  Hopefully it is a list of the things you want to accomplish each day.  We all seem to want to have an agenda that we can stick to and make sure we follow through with our plans for each day.

What are your plans?  Do you set a flawless schedule for yourself or do you get delayed with your agendas?  Do you write a list out on paper or do you just have your important agenda in your mind and rely on your memory of what you need to set out to do?

Of course right now all our agendas seem to revolve around Christmas and the fact that tomorrow it will be here.  We are almost half way through today.  Many of us will probably be on the road soon to go visit family and friends and enjoy a night of festivities.  Snacks, spending quality time together and creating memories for years to come.

Well, I had an agenda yesterday.  I had written out and published about six recipes on Triond and was ready in the evening to go into Blogger and my paper doll blog and create some new posts.  That was my agenda for last night, until my nine year old daughter came in with her own agenda and took control of my computer.  Her's is on the fritz and she can't always get on the internet with hers.

She was funny.  She even told me she had an agenda.  Yes, even children have agendas that they try to follow through with.  Her's was to create webkinz videos and to go on you tube.  Ha ha.

So, last night, I ended up just quietly cutting up some paper doll sets and my other daughter and I finished watching Christmas Vacation and then the live action Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  My favorite part of that movie is when they flashback to him as a baby and he takes a bite out of the Santa plate and then the other part when he is making his gift for Martha.  Jim Carrey can be a bit too much sometimes.

So, we come up with our agendas.  Do the laundry, wash the dishes, make the meals, call people, get our Christmas Cards sent out, finish wrapping, bake all our dishes for the upcoming day, take care of the kids, play monitor to anxious kids who can't wait one more day for Santa to arrive.  Make sure everything is picked up, vaccumn, mail out packages if we still have things to go out in the mail.  Last minute shopping, trips to the grocery store.  (Some of us forget what we need and have to go back to get more food items)

And those stores are packed now.  I went to the grocery store several times yesterday and later on it was jam packed with people.  There are those last minute shoppers.  I never liked to shop on the last day.  Not my style.  A lot of men do the last minute shopping.  But there are also many people who just keep putting it off and don't want to do it.

Agendas often are packed with ideas and thoughts.  We as writers and artists, set out with agendas of all the things we want to create.  Some of us device a list and try to make sure that we try our best to meet our goals.  Agendas should stick to the things that are important and that they need to get done.  Put the minor things to the back, and maybe eventually they will get done.  Lord knows we want to try to get everything done that needs to be fulfilled, but it is almost impossible to do it all in one day.

A written agenda is often good, as you can go back and cross it off and consider it done.  Agendas also always include the things that we don't want to do, but they have to get done.  Pay the bills, call the plumber, get your car inspected.  We don't want to get stopped by the cops and get a ticket for not having an inspected car.  Pay your parking tickets, over due library fees, and on and on and on.  Those things need to get taken car of as they won't magically disappear on us.  These things are usually on the top of the agenda.
We don't want late fees on our credit card statements.  That's no fun. 

Don't we all wish that Santa and his elves could make all that disappear.  And that money grows on trees.  Oh, wait that's my The Glorious Money Tree novel in the works.  Which should also be part of my agenda of things to get done.  I need to write the next chapters of my new novels.

Poetry.  I want to write more poetry.  I want to publish some things on some new writing sites that I haven't done anything on yet.  What to do?  What to do?  What to do?  Sometimes it is good to concentrate on one site at a time and then hop to another and spend some time on each site.  Try not to get in over your head and think you are going to write at all of these places all at once.  It usually can't be done.

Although, some of these people have invested in that software Dragon Naturally Speaking.  I'm not sure if I would want to invest in it.  Although perhaps many professional bloggers have invested in them.  I've heard stories of them loving the software.  Supposedly it allows you to speak your words and it automatically types everything up for you fast.  I can see why it might be a useful tool.

My only thoughts that might be a drawback to investing in the product.  What if you have small kids in the room and they get talking too.  Maybe it types what they say too.  And also, what if you make mistakes, you still have to go back in and fix things.

Some writers, like myself, would rather just type really fast and see the words appear on the screen.  We have the words in our heads and our brains tell us to set our fingers in motion and connect to the keyboard and start clicking away our thoughts

I used to write my daily agenda down, and would cross things off.  In the last five or six years, I have just been one of those people that just does it.  Writing down your agenda takes time.  It's an agenda that you automatically know you have to do.  But for some people it helps to have a written agenda, in case they forget something.  Everyone sets their own agenda and has their own way of following through on things.

So horray for agendas.  What if nobody set an agenda for themselves?  We would all lost and our days would maybe be filled with doubt and wandering minds.  Maybe some scatter brains.  OMG!  Can't have that!

So set your agendas, stick to them, make sure it gets done, and then follow a new agenda each day.

Jennifer Jo Fay

December 24, 2011

One of my drawings on black paper with those gel pens.  I love flowers and creating flower patterns.  One of my agendas is setting about creating my new paperdolls.  Yet, I'm still just talking about it and haven't done it yet.  Procrastinating!

Patiently waiting on the website.

Good things come to those who wait.  I hope.

If anyone likes paperdolls or knows someone who likes paper dolls, check out my paperdoll post on each of my blogs where my paper dolls are for sale:  The Official Paper Doll Blog 

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