Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dirty Tony a short Story

Dirty Tony a short story

Dirty Tony filled his nights with good thoughts. He looked clean but his mind had dirt in it a mile long. Boy, the things he thought of. The gutter was the story of his life and his gutter had no leaves in it. It was a man's gutter. Filled with dreams of women. Many women.
Tony Craven was a man in his late twenties or early thirties and women were always on his mind. Tony had jet black hair and he was very tall. His eyes were green but they might as well should have a permanent image of a naked woman in them. Boy, could his thoughts run wild as a billy goat. But stubborn as a mule, when it came to leaving those windows at night.
And he sure did spend his evenings tangled up in different windows. One couldn't fathom how he discovered just the right ones, but this guy did. He didn't need any ladder. He was talented alright. He knew how to climb a tree and was crafty at getting himself up really high.He never got caught.
His was a filthy devil and he felt his hands on his private parts all the time. The women were different every time. He had a name for every place he visited. Desperate Jane, Saucy Sharon, Messy Mindy, Neat as a Pin Sandy, and Big Dolly just to name a few.
He first got this perverse stuff going a few years ago when he stumbled across his neighbor in her bathroom. They had no curtains and he could see her undress. After that warm summer night, he continued to look into the bathroom at night to see her buzoonkas the size of Africa. He felt something rising. He was a horny dude.
He once dated girl and she decided to end it suddenly. He wondered what it was that drove her away. Then he came to about what it was. He had left a lovely picture of his neighbor nude in the bathroom and she discovered he was using it as his screen saver. Jesus Christ, she left him so fast he didn't have time to eat a sandwich in less than one minute. And he was the fastest eater and won a blueberry pie eating contest one year. He was real ticked that Susan decided to leave him. He later heard that she had moved on to a local musician. Tony was like "What does that guy have that I don't have? I mean, I've got the biggest one in the town. She is really missing out."
So, later on he started walking around the neighborhood at night and trying to find different places. He did find them to his incredible luck. He found an apartment that was shared by two college girls. They were his favorites. He would silently peek in from the near by window and watch as the two girls undressed in the room and tried on their clothes. It was his all time favorite fashion show. He was always licking his lips and wetting his appetite for more.
Finally one night in falltime. The air was getting crisp and the nights were getting cooler. But the summer was heating up inside Tony's pants. He was getting really horny. He was watching Saucy Sharon take off her bra and get ready to hop into the shower. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him.
Tony turned around and his face turned beat red. The female cop was standing right behind him. "Get out of my spot," she said.
He looked at her kind of dumbfounded. The lesbian said, "You're in my territory, boy. You better get running before I shoot your special body part off. I never miss."
Tony ran as fast as he could. He didn't look back.
Suddenly, Tony woke up and was startled at his surroundings. He was sweating really bad and his sheets had fallen to the floor in a heap. He looked at the gray cement walls and then at the nasty bars. And he hated the color orange that he was wearing. Suddenly the memory of Big Dolly came back to haunt him. She had caught him looking at her one night and reported him. He also had been caught for murder, as he decided to go in and kill her and then he raped and killed Saucy Sharon. So now he was doing time.
And seeing as now he had nothing better to do, he whiled away his time by writing poetry. Here is his latest.
I'm sorry for all the things I have done,
I'm sorry for the blood on my hands,
I'm sorry about Big Africa neighbor on my pc screen
but the one thing I will never apoligize for
is how many times that I got rock hard on a lovely summer's night.

Tony Craven

Jennifer Jo Fay copyrighted October 25, 2011

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