Monday, December 5, 2011

The Start of a New Day

This morning has been an earlier day for me.  For the last few days I have slept really late and when I saw the clock, I couldn't believe I had slept so long.  I guess sometimes we just need that extra beauty sleep.  None of us want the bags under our eyes.  I'm going to try to write here more regularly too. 

I guess it is a balancing act.  How does one try to juggle all our tasks that we want to complete?  It takes time, management and the simple act of juggling all our ideas around the ball field.

Honestly, how does the juggler handle all those balls and the fire on the sticks?  I have always been baffled by that.  They really seem like they know what they are doing. I used to love juggling tennis balls and bean bags in my Nana's front yard.  I would be standing there for a long time trying to perfect it.  And then, finally I would fall into a slump and keep dropping them.  That was usually time to say that I was done.

Hey, here I can say practically anything I want.  I can BLOG here.  This will be where you can find out more about how I grew up and who I am personally.  I could attempt to do it on the other new sites, but you wouldn't know it as it will be in fiction or poetry form and you won't know what is true from real life or made up out of my head.

Ideas really do come from our heads.  It's all crammed in there somewhere.  I've often been asked where I get my information.  When I went to Los Angeles this last summer to pitch my book to movie producers, several of them asked me where I got my information and I had to say that It comes from my head of course.
I always have had an overactive imagination.  That event was fascinating in itself.  Of course at the time, they weren't looking for a movie from my type of book, but they said it would make a good tv movie or an independent film.  I was excited and hopeful.  It seemed like everyone I met was enthusiastic.  I know I was.  It was a great experience anyway.  It also was the first time I had been across country on a plane all by myself.  I made it there and back in one piece!

Well, this morning I am busy typing while I am watching the Today show.  I like my morning shows.  I start off with Today, Regis and Kelly (wondering who is going to replace Regis) and then Hoda and Kathy Lee.  Then the millionairre game show comes on (I should see what I can replace that one with) then my Days of Our Lives soap opera.  Yes, I'm addicted.  Although all summer, when my kids are home all day, I miss all this stuff.

I'm at my boyfriends house right now.  It's quiet and I'm going to do a few things before I leave to get back to my kids house.  I'm separated, so I have my own place, but practically still live at my kids house during the day.  When I'm not with my boyfriend, I am at their house until part of the evening.  I get free internet there.  Yay!  Then, when I get back to my house, I usually find myself skimming through a people magazine and perhaps a tv show or a movie and then la la land.  And I get time with my cats.

Well, I'm almost done here.  I want to submit a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Cake to Triond before I go.  Then I have an hour and a half drive to my kids house. 

                  This is one of my dolls from my doll collection.  She is one of those Elloywen Wilde dolls.  They have lots of different ones.  This is an Evangeline Ghastly doll.  Their dolls are quite elegant and there is always a sullen poem with them.  I think their creator is into poetry and the gothic too.  Hey, I guess that's one reason I was attracted to these dolls.  A part of me loves the gothic and mysterious.  Although all my drawings end up just being lovingly done.

Jennifer Jo Fay

December 5, 2011

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