Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creative Comments

Creative Comments

When we decide to sign up for hubpages, what is the thing that we most like to see? Well, first of all, we all have a tremendous passion for writing. We all come from different walks of life. Our backgrounds, values, things we value most in life are all unique from our inner souls. We write what we know. We decide suddenly that something has sparked our interest, and from that, we draw a common goal to write about the irresistible thing that drives us to write.
Whatever it was, it set us off on a wild, rapid ride down the river rapids and full force we begin to write down our story. First we have the bare bones or rather I should say the “skeleton”. Then, we decide to flesh out our story in expanded details. We work diligently to get down a large body of work that will be turned into a novel before our sunsets fade away. Into the bluish, purple night sky we focus on our dreams. And our memory of that pinkish orange sky that hadn't yet dissipated into darkness is still fresh in our minds.
So we write our story and re-write, edit some more, and then we decide we are finally done. After, the piece has also probably rested in the old white drawer of the childhood bureau or what not. Where the crap we have stashed our writings. We know where they are. We have memories of putting them there. Like a ghost, it beckons us back to where we stopped, and finally we decide it is time to share.

What a wonderful place we call Hubpages. It's amazing that places like this exist for us to share our stories and our passions. We are a community of artists, writers, mothers or fathers, song writers, etc.... the list goes on. And we all have a common goal on this site. We are here to share with each other what we have written, and we love to get comments and feedback about what we have shared. We all leave valuable comments, advice, etc... and take it back with us as we write our next piece of work. We have made ourselves a better community for sharing things with others.

Thank-you very much to everyone for sharing with me, and accepting me into the community of creative people. There are truly so many people that are creating very interesting, beautiful and valuable hubs for the world to read and respond. I try to respond to most everyone. I try to leave creative comments and really think about what I have just read, and respond with thoughtful comments and insight. The majority of us hubbers respond to each other and leave comments from time to time.

Although, I have noticed one hubber, (no names), who I am following does nothing to respond to any of my hubs that I have written. She writes a lot of hubs, and I usually respond and leave nice comments for her. I will still follow her, as I like her stuff and I also like her artwork or photography that she chooses with her pieces. Yet, at the same note, I am getting tired of giving her comments any more. We're in a community of helping other hubbers with our comments and feedback. It's sad, when some decide to follow you but never give you any comments in return. We don't expect them to comment all the time, but it is nice to hear from them once in a while. Some hubbers are newer and don't quite understand the whole system yet. I'm still learning too. But it sure is great to have a following of fellow hubbers who share a common goal in writing down our stories and sharing them with each other.
Creative feedback helps us in so many ways. Sometimes, it may just so happen to spark that next idea that will get turned into something. And from what was once nothing, just a mere passing of nothingness, comes forth a new image. A new form of writing that springs forth from our minds and crystalizes into something really cool. It didn't exist before, but now it is here to stay.
Unless, the dog chews it up. If that's the case, I hope you have a good memory. Try again.

Jennifer Jo Fay

November 2011

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