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Little Jenny and BunBun

Little Jenny and Bunbun

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Jenny. She was six years old and she lived with her mommy and daddy, sister and brother. They lived in an upstairs apartment in a village called Redbank Village. It was an idyllic neighborhood filled with children of all ages. Most everyone had mothers that stayed home with them. It was a great place to grow up.
Jenny's mother, Cheryl stayed home to take care of her and her siblings. Her mommy was always taking them places. Jenny's favorite place was the beach.
jenny had light brown hair and blue eyes. She was the oldest. Her sister, Martha was two years younger and her little brother, Joseph was five years younger.
Jenny had a favorite stuffed animal bunny that she called BunBun. BunBun had been given to her by one of her aunts. She had the toy since she was one years old. Jenny loved to sit and dress her doll. She also had a toy puppy that she called Olga. She loved them both so much.
Jenny loved to sit in her living room and watch Captain Kangaroo. It was one of her favorite shows. She also liked Sesame Street. She had memories of Big Bird talking to Mr. Hooper. She would sit in her chair and dress her dolls.
Sometimes on Saturday mornings Jenny, Martha and Joseph would sit and watch the cartoons. Sometimes they would come each other's hair. Jenny would come marthas, and little joseph would sit in front while martha combed his hair and put blue and red butterfly barrettes in his hair. Sometimes they would tickle Joseph and get him laughing.
Jenny loved to take BunBun to the beach. She would sit by the water's edge in her little bikini. BunBun would be resting by her while she poured sand into an old fashioned beach pail. Jenny loved to draw in the sand. Jenny would collect sea shells and make little creations.
One night, Jenny went to bed. She was holding tight to BunBun and Olga. Sometimes, she gathered all her stuffed animals and put them all under the blankets with her. She would tuck herself in under the covers. Sometimes she had dreams about lions and tigers. She was afraid of them. She was afraid that they would get her. She had once watched an old black and white Tarzan movie and was afraid of the lion rushing out. Jenny had hid herself behind one of the chairs. So since that, she was afraid to sleep at night. She would put her whole body under the covers, so that nothing could get her or her precious stuffed animals.
Sometimes, Jenny dreamed that she had magic powers. She could fly and rescue all her friends and family from the lions, tigers and panthers that roamed throughout Redbank Village. She could grab her loved ones and they would fly away from the bad animals.
Well, one night, when she was little, she also was afraid of her bedsheets. She had one with little yellow flowers on it. But Jenny was afraid of the black spots on the sheets. She was worried about bumblebees. She felt her stuffed animal, BunBun. She was filled with beans, but Jenny suddenly was afraid and got out of bed. She brought BunBun to the bathroom and threw her in the trash. She really thought that BunBun was filled with Bumblebees and that scared her really bad. She went back to sleep.
BunBun rested very still in the white trashcan. She didn't want playtime to be done. Jenny was going to be missing her very soon.
The next morning, Cheryl was in the bathroom and discovered BunBun in the trashcan. She rescued her and brought her to Jenny. Cheryl found out that Jenny thought BunBun had bumblebees in her. Her mommy laughed and said, that BunBun didn't have any bumblebees in her. Jenny felt so releived. She was very happy to have BunBun back. She loved playing with her all the time.
Jenny loved to have BunBun next to her when she ate her macaroni and cheese. Jenny was called "The Macaroni Queen". She also loved pickles.
Jenny dragged BunBun everywhere she went. She always brought her to her grammy's house. Jenny visited her grammy and her Aunt harriet around Christmas time. Sometimes she would call BunBun Wilma, Pebbles or laura. Jenny liked to sit near the fireplace and do puzzles. Her Aunt Harriet always would get her Peanuts puzzles. Sometimes Aunt Harriet would tease her and say that BunBun was a boy. jenny didn't like that.
Once in a while, Jenny left BunBun at relatives houses. As her mom would be driving away, jenny would cry that she left BunBun. Cheryl turned around and went back for her toy.
Another time, jenny was walking out of her grammar school. A few of the bullies caught up with her and grabbed BunBun from her hands. They threw the toy up on the roof of the school. jenny started crying and she ran home to tell her mom. Cheryl and Jenny went back to the school and got a hold of the janitor. Mr. Connelly went up on the roof and retrieved Jenny's beloved BunBun. She was so happy to have her back.
Jenny also loved to take BunBun to her cousins house. They were busy playing. Then they would sleep over. That night Jenny and her cousins were woken up. There was a chimney fire and they all had to get out of the house. They were brought to a neighbor's house while they waited with their cousins for their parents to come and get them. jenny started crying about BunBun being left in the chimney fire. later, she was glad to get back to the house and see her. BunBun was very lucky she didn't turn into charcoal.
jenny brought BunBun to school when she was in the third grade. A boy named Timmy, started calling her BunBun. The name stuck through junior high.
Jenny liked to play with BunBun and Olga in the closet in her bedroom. Her sister, Martha would play in there with her. Jenny loved playing there and she also loved making tents in her bedroom. Jenny also loved to play marbles.
The older jenny got, she started getting too old to play with BunBun. BunBun started to lose her bunny ears and she was really falling apart. Jenny kept her though. She didn't want to part with her. When she was little, she would tell her Nana that she wanted BunBun to be buried with her.
Suddenly, Jenny began to grow up and she left her childhood in her past. BunBun started to become a link to her past. But there would always be little Jenny who loved her favorite bunny.
BunBun was a dearly loved toy, that would be preserved for future children.

Copyrighted by Jennifer Jo Fay August 2011

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