Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Internet Connect the Dots

Internet Connect the Dots

Hey, we all loved playing connect the dots when we were little.  We learned how to add and wanted to see what the pictures were going to be.  It was sort of like creating a puzzle. 

Isn't life like a puzzle?  I mean we were originally told that life is like a big test and then you die.  The puzzle in life is being able to put all your pieces together to complete the picture of your life.  Can you do it?  For some of us it is hard to figure out how the images all fit together.  Some pieces are easy to figure out, but there are some of those pieces that don't really seem to fit anywhere.

Your life can sometimes be hard to solve.  Don't you ever remember getting into a rut and not know how to get out of your slump?  Our lives are like a chart, that leads us into unknown territory.  Yet, we want to jump in and see where it leads to.

Well, suddenly here we are in the world of the internet.  It is a lot like connect the dots.  Only, your puzzle is all over the world, and you are often not sure where you should go.  Go one way, and you might get an internet nightmare, and go the other path and you might discover heaven.

The links and sites are endless, and there are no boundaries.  We have only so many hours in a day to do what we want to set out to do.  And we all have to pick and choose where we are going to connect our dots. 

Well, today, I have been just creatively getting busy.  I have ended up publishing over twenty eight of my poems, recipes and fiction all over the place, except leaving two brand new sites for another day.  I haven't done anything at those places yet.  I've been hopping back and forth between Triond, Wordpress, Blogger, Wikinut and Wizzley.  It's been a crazy day and can't believe how much stuff I got done.

I guess tomorrow should partly be social bookmarking these things and spreading the word a little bit, and then maybe some more stuff to publish.  It's a happening world out there.

jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted December 7, 2011

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