Friday, December 30, 2011

Come write at Wikinut

Another great writing site to earn some money would be Wikinut.  That is where I have been for a little bit this morning.  I think in the hard times we are in without jobs and the foreclosures that are happening to people, we are really facing hard times.

I quit my job at Marshalls a little over a month ago.  They were cutting me back to five hours a week on their Sundays since January, so I finally decided that it wasn't worth it.  Luckily, I have alimony right now to get me by.  Yet, some people without jobs, don't have any income coming in and are perhaps forced to get something that they aren't going to be happy in or care for.  They have to make their ends meet.

And also, jobs are hard to come by right now.  Too many people applying and they only need a few people and have their pick and choice over perhaps fifty to one hundred applications.  There will only be a small handful of lucky applicants there.

Welcome to the hard knocks job pool.  We're drowning in it.

Welcome to the world of online writing.  I am truly going to try to make an income from it.  Along with pushing my paper doll website and also creating a little side income with selling things on Ebay.  I have been away from writing for a day or so.  I was listing more things on ebay yesterday, and then last night while back at my appartment, I found more that thirty to fifty more things to sell.

I am deciding to part with some of my doll collection.  I am weeding out some and am going to settle for some nice pictures of them instead.  And the nice thing, getting rid of lots of stuff on ebay, creates more space in my apartment.  It really echoes now.  And when I moved into my little apartment, I was that girl you see on tv with tons of stuff and no room to walk.  And I still had some furniture in a small trailer and things at my kids house. 

I learned to sure live with a lot less.  Goodwill probably easily got 100 bags of stuff over the course of me getting rid of things.  I had several yardsales to get rid of stuff including furniture.  For free!  I needed to be able to move my stuff around.  I literally had a path to get to each room and I couldn't even get into my studio.

Less is more.

Now, back to writing at wikinut.  It seems like a nice place to write your stuff.  I've heard that the earnings are a little better there than at Triond.  However, I do like Triond too.  You want to not have all your eggs in one basket.  Try different writing sites and see which one works better for you.

Triond's setup is very simple.  Pick your title, a brief summary, then your body of work, category, tags and pick a picture of their choosing.  Very simple.  The only thing I don't like is you can't upload one of your pictures.  You are limited to your choice, and then it doesn't often show up on your published page.  They tend to pick something else.  I might email them asking about that.  I pick a rose or something with hearts and then when I social bookmark it, some picture of a car on a road shows up that has nothing to do with the article.

It usually is published right away.  Once you are established writing there, they seem to publish your stuff after five or ten minutes.  It's usually not very long.  Sometimes it is a few seconds after you publish.

Wikinut takes a little longer to get it published.  Maybe their moderators are better at looking at stuff, so it takes a little bit more time.

Although, I was surprised as I submitted the first one today, it was approved within five or ten minutes.  It usually would take a few hours or more.  Maybe they get a little more lenient as you further yourself writing for them.  Because after a little bit of time getting established with them, they come to know that you are a good writer and submit original content that isn't anywhere else.  You get in trouble if you have duplicate stuff somewhere else.  Especially with Hubpages.  Although you can publish the same things at Triond and Wikinut to try to earn more revenue with your stuff.  I might send some of my Triond poetry over there.

Wikinut's platform for publishing is relatively simple too.  Pick your categories, titles, tags, summaries, notes to the moderator if you have any.  They like to have you write a note to them that your stuff is original and not somewhere else on the internet, or if it is also at Triond let them know.  That also speeds up the publishing of your articles.
You write the body of your work, then choose a picture that you can upload.  If it is someone elses picture you need to put in where it is from.

Then publish, simple as that.

The one difference from Wikinut and Triond that is different from Wizzley is that when you write something at Wizzley it will not let you publish until you have written enough in your body of work.  I find it hard when writing a poem.  You get your poem finished and then you get the message that you have to add more to it.

Then after, I usually find myself writing a summary about the poem and other stuff.  But I like some of the design effects that you can choose from at Wizzley.  Not too many sites let you pick the color of your pages and different patterns.  That is fun.

Helium is an article writing sites, that seems to be based on assignments and titles that are already picked for you and you can choose which ones you want to write an article about. 

I think the more that you write, your earnings are a little better.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 30, 2011

Don't we all wish we could be successful like Martha Stewart.  I am a Martha Stewart wannabee.  Not that I want to come up with my own bedsheets and tv show and all the extra stuff.  But I always admired her creativity and love her magazine.

Here's my three articles on wikinut this morning.
Vintage Dolls on Ebay  Calling All Paperdoll Collectors  if this doesn't work try:  http://nut.bz16g0vi4y/ so
sometimes the letters are hard to read 
How to be a Good Mother

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