Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sell Your stuff on Ebay

For the last few days I have been busy listing things on Ebay.  It is a great place to list something that you don't want and it is collecting dust at your house.
I used to sell stuff on Ebay many years ago when my kids were little.  I would go to yardsales and collect stuff to sell.  I would also look around my house for things that I didn't really care for and I would take digital pictures of them and upload them and list them.  I used to collect recipe books and different types of books at yardsales and would list them on Ebay.
I found it hard sometimes, as it would take me a while to get them all listed and would take time out of my day while the kids were little.  They would usually get impatient with me and would want my attention.  I had to list them in spurts.
I usually would get people bidding on certain things.  It's fun to see them jump fast.  Usually at the end, is when people start bidding.  They usually watch the items for a few days before bidding, as they don't want it to go really high.  but when they want the item really bad, it does get higher in the end.
Ebay used to take a small cut from us even if the item doesn't sell.
So, now I have been listing stuff again.  The process is a little easier now.  You click on sell your item.  They allow you up to 100 items a month in the beginning.  Once you become an established seller, your options increase.
Then, you type in what you want to sell and they give you some possible categories you can list it under.  You can do one or two.  If you do more than one, there are extra fees.  Then you get directed to the page where you will put in all your information, title, brand, size, color, used or new, then the detailed section for all the info that they need to know. 
You upload one picture for free.  If you want to put an extra one it is .15 cents fee.  It's good sometimes if you have a more expensive item and you want to put several pictures to give more detail.
If it's a doll, you will want several pictures.  Sometimes a picture of the back where all the written details are given is good to have a picture of.
One of my items is a wedgewood woodland dish that is vintage.
Vintage stuff does pretty well, as ebay is one of the few places where you can find the vintage stuff that you are looking for.  They sell just about anything under the sun.  You name it, it is there.
It's easy to get signed up to sell.  You just need an ebay account and a paypal address.  You go in and fill a few things out and then you are ready to start.
It's so easy.  Once you have things listed, you can track them, answer questions if anyone has a question about something.  Then you wait for the auction to end.  Usually it is seven days.  You can also offer buy it now option.  I did that for my Armand Marseille Floradora doll.  She was really expensive.  I put a starter price for $275 and then a buy it now price at $325.
You also need to set a shipping price that the buyer has to pay.  That way you don't actually pay for the shipping.  It comes out of their pocket.
Then when the auctions are done, they email you all the info, what auction, the final price, the address where it needs to be shipped to and info that they have sent you paypal payment.  You can choose to leave it in your paypal address to use for other purchases on ebay or somewhere else, or you can have them transfer it to your savings or checking account.
It's so easy.
I've got 100 things listed.  I usually set a starter price that I would be happy with for each item in case the price doesn't go higher. 
I've been looking at some of my kids outfits that don't fit them anymore.  Name brands are good.  Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place, etc...
Women's clothing, Betsy Johnson, Victoria Secret, Gap, etc....  Papillon.  I had a lovely Louisa May Alcott reproduction blouse that is from Papillon that I listed.  I only wore it once or twice and it's sitting in my drawer being dormant.
Books, camera stuff, dishes, vintage stuff etc...  you name it, try to sell it.
You can also go in and see what is trending in Ebay to decide what you would like to sell.
Yardsales are great, as you can find things that are inexpensive and then try to make some money selling them.
My boyfriend's neighbor does pretty well with it and is always bringing packages to the post office.  It doesn't take too long to package things up.  You can get free boxes of all sizes at the post office to send priority mail.  Packaging is very important.  Especially if it is something breakable.  Bubble wrap, newspaper, packaging peanuts etc,,  should be used to make sure things don't break.  You don't want anyone upset that their product broke in transit and then they get their money back and you are out your money and a product.  It's broken so it gets sent to the trash.
Once the auction is final, they have about three days to get the money to you or at least to respond and tell you what they are going to do.
It's a great way to make extra money and maybe pay your smaller bills.  I suppose you could even make a full time job out of it.
You can go on and create a store for your handmade products.  I might consider this option for my paper dolls and hand made soaps and lip balms.

For right now, I have the paperdoll website pretty much finished.  I went in earlier this week and last and got all my paypal buttons in place.  That way it makes it easy for someone to buy the doll sets now. 

So seriously think about cleaning up the clutter in your house and sell it to make some profit.  I have been a goodwill girl for a long time.  For the past two and a half years goodwill has received a lot of my stuff.  Now, I am going to sell on ebay instead, and goodwill will only get the things that I can't end up selling.

This is my expensive Armand Marseille Floradora doll that I am selling.  I still have two more floradora dolls that I am keeping.  I like their faces better.  This one has a pretty face too, but I am willing to part with one.  I'm going to make sure I take a bunch of pictures of her before she gets packaged up.

I already have lots of people viewing and watching my auctions, so when they will be done, I imagine I will be busy packaging things for a little bit.  Out of 100 items, some are sure to sell.

jennifer Jo Fay

December 14, 2011

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