Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Katie Couric's New Talk Show Airs Sept. 10 on ABC

Katie Couric's new talk show, Katie will air on Sept. 10th at 3pm on ABC.

I'm looking forward to watching.  It will be a lovely departure from watching Anderson Cooper.  I was watching that for something to watch, but I would so much more want to watch her new show.

I really admire her and think she is a really important person to listen to.  I always followed the Today show way back to when she was on it.

I think she is an excellent role model for America.  She just knows exactly what to say, is very respectable and has a genuine friendly way about her that makes the world love her.

I think today she is sad for the departure of Ann Curry.  It just wasn't right the way they booted her off without a proper sendoff.  It's really not okay and as Katie Couric has quoted, "it's not the best chapter for the Today show."

If there's a flaw, that is it.  I mean look how they did a lovely job for Katie Couric's final days and the same with Meredith Viera.  They did a great job and it just made both Katie and Meredith feel great about leaving.

I'm sure that Ann Curry isn't really complaining as she's moving on no matter what, but there has got to be a little disappointment to her the way things got handled.  After all, she did a great job too, and then they just didn't reward her with a heartwarming farewell like the others.

Oh well, it was yesterday's news, but it now just puts the Today show in a different light for a lot of people.

I will always watch the Today show anyway as I always love to be up on the current news and love hearing things that can help all of us in our every day lives.

Katie's new show should be very good.  It sounds like it will get very serious at times and other episodes will be light and fun.  After all, she has a humorous and uplifting side too.

She plans to talk about all these military suicides.  That is going to be very heavy but it needs to be addressed as it goes on all the time.  I should know as one of my cousin's sons killed himself last fall due to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  It was very sad and he is greatly missed by all.

It will be very important for people to know when to recognize the signs so that these young men can be helped before it is too late.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 29, 2012


  1. Awww I look forward for this.. Looks like is going to be interesting..Thanks for the update..

  2. I have to admit I haven't seen a lot of her work. ( I'm and Anderson fan) giggle. But I am looking forward to something light to record in the afternoons. Thank you for sharing xo

  3. I like Katie Couric but if I had to choose between her show and AC's, Anderson Cooper would win...

  4. I like watching talk shows. Anderson isn't my fav but some of his shows are interesting and then other's make me wonder where he drummed them up. I guess it's not so much the show, but the people that are on it. Good lord.