Monday, August 27, 2012

Which are you? Open Door or Closed Book?

Are you an open door or a closed book?  If this would be about relationships I would have to say that you should be an open door rather than a closed book but still never tell all you know.  Always keep some things to yourself.

I tend to think of myself as an open book, because I am a writer and an artist and I like to express myself.  I would tend to say that my siblings are closed books and they wouldn't be able to handle writing a blog as they would probably feel that they couldn't write anything from real life.  It's not every one's cup of tea.

And if you are a closed door in a relationship, chances are that you won't get what you want from it because you are probably keeping everything locked in a bottle all bottled up and that is no good for a relationship.

In my relationship, I like to express my needs if they aren't getting met as I want my needs met too.  I think that is important.  And the other half is never a mind reader, so if you don't tell, they will never know what a woman wants.

But, today I am going to talk about being an open book or a closed door when you are a writer.

You know you are a closed book when you find you are the wallflower who is sitting twiddling your thumbs.


Get your wallflower in motion and go find that open door as you should learn to not be afraid to discover new things, new words, new emotions, thoughts and messages.

Don't be the one who is always stuck in a rut, won't listen when people want you to change something to make your life or your writings better.

Don't be the one who doesn't write it down because you think you have nothing to say.  You do and you know it.

Be the girl/guy on your magic carpet that really does fly to all these new places in your head.  The possibilities are endless with an open door, but if it remains a closed book, I'm afraid that nothing will end up happening for you.  And you know you don't want that.

You want to find open doors that are filled with a menagerie of colors, dreams, hopes and goals.

If you don't expose yourself, who will?  Your family and friends won't do it for you as they have better things to do.  Like improving their own lives and their own dreams and destinies.

I think as writers we need to expose ourselves and get ourselves out there.  Otherwise nobody will end up knowing about us.  Isn't it our dream to become a published author, to be read, and read over and over again?  To share with the world what we think about this great big life we're in.

What we write is authentic to us as it's OUR AUTHENTIC LIFE AND NOBODY ELSE'S.

So how I will part with this post is, Dare to Open a Locked Book and find your open door.  And live it.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 27, 2012

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One is a Cheesy Potato Soup recipe with vegetables.  If you get your soup bowl, stick it in your USB port and wait for me to get my ladel ready you might find something tasty coming your way.  Nice thought huh?  Maybe this happens on some other planet somewhere or in an Ursula LeGuin novel.

Ha ha.

So you know what I'll be eating for the next few days.  It came out quite tasty, but my kids took one look at it and said they would never try it. 

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  1. Interesting article. You know I'm not to sure what I am. I think it depends on the situation. Hubby and I are very open with each other. Generally in life I think I am an open book but when it comes to my emotions with friends and even family (excluding Hubby) I tend to keep these locked away. Although this may depend on what is affecting me. Not sure if that makes sense. Any hoo, enjoyed your post, got me thinking.