Thursday, August 2, 2012

Honeycomb Cable Tutorial and more

This week, I have tried out a new pattern for my bracelets that was hand written in my old knitting journal.  It   is the Honeycomb Cable stitch.

(multiple of 16 stitches)

BC (back cable)  slip 2 sts to cn and put in back.  Knit 2 sts and knit 2 off the cable needle.

FC (front cable)  slip 2 sts to the front of knitting, knit 2 sts and knit 2 off the cable needle.

Cast on 16 sts

Row one (WS) purl 16

Row Two:  BC,FC,BC,FC

Row Three and all WS rows:   purl 16

Row 4 & 8:  Knit 16

Row 6:  FC, BC, FC, BC

Continue until desired length, bind off and sew together.

My ribbon bracelet follows this.

I am currently working on a headband with this pattern only I have added another part to the pattern.  Instead of casting on 16 sts.  I cast on 22 sts.

3 sts for each end.  Work this part of the pattern in garter stitch so you will have a border to the honeycomb pattern.  You just have to keep remembering that you knit the three stitches first and then follow the honeycomb pattern.

I bet you could add another pattern for the border too if you want to do that instead.  You just would have to figure out what pattern you want to add and cast on the correct extra stitches for that particular pattern.  And just know that with any pattern, you are working it separate than the other pattern.

You could play around with creating your own patterns.  There are so many possibilities.  You just have to do your math to get the correct amount of stitches.  And it's a good idea to write down your pattern so you can follow it to the exact.

So that's the cool knitting pattern stitch.

Still sharing the laptop with Julia.  She's watching Animal Planet's Big Cat Diary right now.  I'm making her wait a little bit today as I need to write a post.  I've kind of been slacking on the blog posting while she's been playing on the laptop, but I'm going to have to make her wait a little more sometimes for it.

Of course, this Saturday, I am going to get full control of the laptop as they are going on a week long camping trip with their Dad in Maine.  My brother might meet up with them.

Over the last few days, I have been sewing up a few more bracelets, making a few knitted headbands and working on the yo yo's.  Then yesterday, I decided to go gather my fabric that I haven't cut up yet.  I've had a little stack of uncut fabric that I have been letting sit there as I felt it was too pretty to cut up.

Finally, I decided to tackle it and cut up more yo yo circles, some more strips for the stretch elastic bracelets, and then I also decided that I would cut up some large squares for photography.

Each of these large squares are about 15" wide.  I am going to sew a bunch of these together for my photography quilt.  That way, I will still have a large piece of each fabric for my photography needs.  That size should be fine for my still life photography and also could be nice as a background for taking pictures of my kids.  I have one of those metal set ups for draping large backgrounds onto for portrait photography and my lights.

So, now I have a new pile of stuff to sew up and have multiplied the amount of yo yo circles.  And one day, I got sewing up more yo yo's so the pile is increasing.

I am going to wait before I sew them together for a blanket as I might want to use some for something smaller.  I got thinking the yo yo's would be cute on a bracelet.  I've got pretty pink stretch elastic that is about 1/4 " thick.  I could either sew it right onto that or the black elastic same width or I could cover up the elastic with fabric and then sew the yo yo's on.

And then this week's other projects when I get home at night have been to touch up the apartment.  I've repainted two doors, the floorboards in my living room and hallway, filled in a few floorboards where my cat's had fun clawing the top of it.  Then painted.  Last night, I got mostly done painting the floorboards.  I've got one more wall to do tonight and then a small section behind my TV.  I didn't want to tackle all the cords.

And then, I'm thinking I might have to go all out and paint the walls in the living room and hallway next month.  It will make my favorite room more livable looking at nice white walls instead of a darker grayish color that maybe once was white.

And then, I have been repainting my old wicker chair over the last week and finished up last night.  It's now all blue and looks so much better than it was.

And then last night I looked at a nice wooden hutch (unfinished) that I got when I got married.  It has seen better days but is still too pretty to part with.  The cats have clawed the very top and part of the two drawers at the bottom.

Last night, I gathered this light green paint that someone had gotten rid of on the side of the road.  I started to paint the bottom of one side of the hutch the full color as it had darkened over the years.  Then, the top side, I started to sponge paint with the brush, so you can still see part of the wood too.  And then later, I brought in the blue paint from the wicker chair and started to sponge paint a little of that color in too.

It's going to take a while to completely finish, as I am going to want to do other things to it too.  I'm not sure what I want to do with the inside shelves yet.  And I'm also thinking that I might want to bring over my acrylics some night and do some more sponge painting with different colors and maybe add some more little photos to the sides.  It will have to wait as I want to print up new pictures next month for this project.  It will probably be a project that will take several months to do as I will only be working on it here and there.  And the knobs on the bottom drawers are crooked and old.  I might shop around for new pretty knobs for it.

Well, I will let you go for now as she is patiently waiting for her turn on the laptop.  My other daughter has the PS3 on and is playing Skyroom.  So pretty soon I will be hearing that and Ferohearts.

And tomorrow is the beginning of another yard sale weekend.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 2, 2012

A blue double stranded ribbon bracelet.  I combined the first cable pattern I learned and another pattern.

Some flowers on an earlier walk this week.  Probably Sunday.  I walked yesterday, and need to make myself go today too before it gets too hot.

I love the veins in these flower petals.  Petunias are awesome too for this.

Here is the bracelet with the honeycomb pattern that I am now trying out.  It's very easy too.  Once I learn a pattern it is in my head.  But another thing I like to do is get a little spiral index card notebook and jot down the patterns so I don't always have to lug around the bigger notebook.  It's also a good little notebook to jot down what row you left off on.

a few more felted bracelets that I have yet to wash.

The two finished ribbon bracelets with cable pattern.

Cabled ribbon headband.  This is using the blue ribbon and that pink trellis ribbon.  I don't like to use the trellis ribbon by itself.

Cool wooden birdhouses.

The yo yo pile is getting a little bigger.  What I should do is find all the yo yo's yet to be sewn and put them in a basket and take a picture of all the circles I have cut out.  There is a good amount.

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