Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why We Need to to be Organized!

Why do we find ourselves needing to be organized?  Basically it is because we need to maintain a well balanced life.

What would we do if we just let our laundry pile up, leave clothing all over the floor, toys everywhere, trash left not picked up, food left out to go bad, dishes lingering in the sink to smell really bad, paperwork just tossed all over the desk, empty soda cans tossed everywhere, our bucket lists unfulfilled, things never finished, vacations shot to kingdom come because it was unplanned, phone calls not made, lawns and gardens not tended to, cars left cluttered, things not weeded out, things left hoarded, plans not completed, friends left out of the loop, and on and on and on?

This is when we would all go to pot.  Which is the fundamental reason that we try to be as organized as we can be on a daily basis.  It's a big juggling act.  How can we keep doing this every day?  We really do try and yet at the end of the day there always seems to be some things that we wished we could have accomplished.

Now what if I had been more organized?  Could I have done something about the things I didn't get to?

We need our daily routines organized.  Some of us keep a written list of what we need to do and others need to have it in their heads.  I am usually the one who keeps it in my head, but sometimes I do find myself occasionally writing it down.  I used to keep a written list all the time when the kids were younger and then I just found myself just doing it instead of writing it and finding it not crossed off on the page.

Sometimes we do forget to do some things we wanted to do.  So then it is helpful to come back to it the next day and make that one a priority.

Basic daily things to do to keep a balanced life:

Pick up after yourself and have your kids learn this too.  A cleaner house is a must.

Try to constantly clean up the clutter.

Keep a well organized desk so that you can always find things.

If you craft like I do, try to keep everything in containers so that you can find things.  I like to keep things in pretty bags or pocketbooks.  And I try to keep certain things in each place, so I always know where to go to look for things.

Sometimes I like to keep things in ziploc bags too so it's all contained.

Label things.

Keep a bucket list so that you can try to maintain it and do the things that you want to do.

Try to stick with a plan so that you can carry out all your endeavors.

Keep in touch with your friends and don't keep yourself out of the loop.

Keep connected with your online communities.

Keep up with the internet as you can always learn something new.

Clean up your clutter.  Think about what you really need in your life.  If it sits around and collects dust for a year and doesn't get used, chances are you don't need it.  Unless it is something pretty and decorative and sentimental to you, it should stay.

Have a yard sale or sell your stuff on Ebay.  You can make money on the things that clutter your life.

Less is more.  The more you maintain your house and your daily routine, the better it is going to be to function and do the things that really matter in your life.

Keep appointments and make your family a priority.

Stay organized.  You will be a better Mom, Dad, parent, friend, family member for it.

And you will feel better that things are where they should be, that you are accomplishing your goals and that things are getting done and you can see your Bucket list diminishing.

But you know your Bucket List is going to get bigger, as there is always something new to add to it.  We're always wanting to do new things.  There are so many things that we still haven't done.

And we never know how much time we have left to do all that we want to do.

But if we're not getting ourselves organized, all the clutter and unnecessary things in our lives are going to drag us down.

Organization is key, whether it is in our lives, making our blogs better, or anything else we set out to do.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 9, 2012

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  1. Organization is a must for a less stressful life!
    There will always be stress of course, but organization makes things so much better!

    xoxo ♥ Shar