Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why You Need to Learn to Social Bookmark your Blog?

You're a blogger, right?  Like me, you like to blog and attract your readers.  Which is why you need to learn to social bookmark your blog and figure out how things work.  Your goal should be to gain your readership and make your blog the best that it can be.

How do you do that, you say?  Well, it won't happen by sitting on your laurels.  You've got to get yourself out there and promote yourself.

I know there are paid places to help us do that, but most of us don't want to fork over any money to someone else if we can help it.  The Internet is filled with places where we can promote for free or for a very small fee.

I did pay to participate in one blog hop.  The fee was a one time charge of $3.  Not out much.

But most of the sites I go to are free.  And I'm sure there are many out there that I don't know about.

You have to shop around and see where you want to promote your blog or website.  Figure out what kind of traffic you want.

I try to go all over the place.  Keep a small journal to jot down all the places that you have signed up an account with as it can get crazy.  I sometimes just keep them in my emails too so they are there and one click away.  And I use google chrome and it memorizes my searches.

I keep a little notebook of a list of my favorite places to post my new blog posts.

Here are some of the places I use:

Circle of Moms

A few new places I'm going to try


and I'm sure there are lots of other places yet to discover.

But usually with this list, I write my post and then go down the list and promote it to those sites.  Sometimes I linger at each site to see what is new.

I'm still learning about some of the sites like Blogaholics, Blogher, and a bunch of the others.  I'm trying to figure out how to become more active on those sites.  On Blogher you have to learn how to use your chatter box to communicate with the community and with all the sites you have to comment often and find ways of connecting with others to grow your audience.

So, I figure I will post and then need to spend a certain amount of time at each site to gain friends and followers.

I also decided to delete my Linkshare and Clickbank products and ads on this blog.  I don't think it was really working out and I've just tried to get my blog with Blogher to earn revenue with them and they won't accept my blog if I have paid/sponsored ads on it.  I'm not sure about Google Adsense.  I'm leaving that regardless as I have an account with them and have accumulated some funds there.  And I've told Blogher that I won't delete my ads for my handmade stuff.  That's mine and it's staying.

I tried to earn revenue with Blogher earlier this winter but the blog wasn't old enough.  Now it is and they are saying that I could qualify.  So I will wait and see.

But you really need to be active in your blog community.  Find blogs you like.  Follow, follow, follow.  Comment often.  It takes a lot of time to build a successful blog and it certainly won't happen over night.

Stay faithful to yourself and your dreams and good things will come.  Do it for the love of it first, and maybe money will follow.

Go back and refine old posts.  You want quality stuff and maybe sometimes we need to look at old posts and change things to make it better.

Always read about how you can change your blog to make it better.  I love reading tips and advice about this topic.  I have quality writing, but I can still be better.  There is always room for improvement.

As long as we keep trying, that is all that matters.  But please stay active.  Don't just wait for it all to come to you.  It won't happen that way.

Jennifer Jo Fay

August 8, 2012

Don't be a statue and think that your blog will be successful.  It doesn't work that way.

This chair is beautiful, but don't wait in it for good things to come your way.  Get off and go for a walk and find new discoveries.  You're worth it.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    found your blog via Blogaholics. It looks great :) This post is interesting and gives some good tips! You are right about learning to social bookmark blogs. I'm trying to do this more but it takes time I don't always have but I think it comes down to organising myself better. I'll get in to the swing of things. I have recently joined a few blogger communities to promote my blog and to discover new blogs to follow.


  2. Thanks, Kate. Don't we all need to get organized. It's all a matter of dividing our time so that we can fit it all in or what we can. Maybe organization should be my next post.

  3. Great work, Jennifer! I found you through the blog hop. ALso, on my site,, I have some tips on how to approach your blog as a journalist and how that helps. These two handouts are on pages in my sidebar. I am a journalism teacher and have been in it most of my life and there are some helpful ways to add more to content. I am going to check out some of these sites which were new to me. Please stop by and say hello!

  4. Great encouragement. I used to be so much better about getting out there in the world and talking blog talk. Now I am overwhelmed as any one social outlet can take over if you let it.

  5. Hi Jennifer! Found you on Blogaholics. I'm new to blogging and your words are just what I needed to hear :) Thanks- looking forward to reading more!!

  6. Hi Jen, Thank you for this post!
    I started my blog about a week ago and must admit that I had no clue what to do next, since picking out a 'blogname' already took me a long time ! haha
    I enjoy writing and sharing pictures and that is why I started my blog, I just had no idea there was so much more to it ..
    But thanks to posts like this I see a small light at the end of the dark giant blog-tunnel!

    Thank you! and if anyone is interested in my (few) posts,
    please drop by at

  7. I found your blog via blogaholics too. I think it is great!