Saturday, August 25, 2012

Emails, spam and all that jazz!

Are you one of millions that just tends to get way too many emails, spam, junk and anything else?  You're not alone.  We all have this ongoing process of checking our emails, read them and weed out the clutter.

Just as we have the paperwork pile that gets about an inch taller every time we're not looking, so does the email gather to consume us.

How many of you take a few days to a week from checking your emails and then you get back and you can't believe how many of them are in your inbox?  I know I'm one of them.

If I don't go and check them within a two to four days time I can have anywhere from 400 to 800 emails.  If you are like me and you have subscribed to lots of blogs, numerous sites and anything else that you have an account with, the emails can build up quick.

Some of the sites I have joined send you an email every time someone comments on something. 

I usually go at one point and scroll down through and delete the ones I don't need.  We usually have the majority of spam emails go straight to spam, but not all of them end up getting sent there.  It's a good thing we can click spam on them so that they won't show up in our inbox again.

Has anyone had some spam letter come in from some person who wants to put all their money into your bank account?  I know I have on more than several occasions.  And last year early on when I had a hot mail account and had signed up as a single woman on My Space, I can't begin to tell you how many emails I would get from spammers (men saying they wanted me:  yeah right.  When the earth ends and ants grow bananas!).

I always save the good stuff, ones from family, important accounts and of course the blogs that I'm subscribed to.

How I usually handle the blog emails is I save all the ones that I think I'll have time to read and I scroll down from top to bottom and view each one, comment, and then I go back and delete it after I'm done reading and commenting, and then I wait for their next post to arrive.  I usually try to get to all of them if I can, view etc...  But sometimes, it just piles up and I can't read every single email for each new comment.  I do try to read all the new posts though.

And for my Ebay job, I seem to get an email for every little thing.  So I find myself delete, delete, deleting, unless if it's an important message.  I don't need to keep all the confirmed your item is listed messages.

And then we always have the option to scroll down on an email and unsubscribe to a site we don't want to look at anymore.  Like all those deals and sales emails we get in hopes that we get suckered in to come and buy something so our money can be in their pockets instead of ours.

From time to time we just have to clean out everything as it builds up.

Sometimes I do keep a few records of some of the social bookmarking sites I've subscribed to in case I forget about some of them and need to refer back to them.

I couldn't imagine leaving thirty pages of stuff or more, even if we have read it.  It's nice to only have a few pages of your references and important emails we need to keep for our records.  It's probably a good idea to print important emails up and also to maybe have a notebook of things written somewhere else in case some fluke events deletes all your emails or your laptop crashes. 

So clean up all that jazz and get your inbox looking like a tidy one instead of a digital paperwork pile that starts to look like a mile high.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 25, 2012

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