Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Netbooks vs. Laptops. Benefits and pitfalls

Are you like so many of those people who might be on your picket fence deciding whether you would like to buy a laptop or a net book?  There are good things and bad things about both.

Of course the bad thing about all of them is as soon as you get them home away from the store, they suddenly have become obsolete and they're not going to be as good as the newest and latest thing. 

What most of us do before we are ready to buy a new laptop or a net book is to do our shopping around and figure out which is going to be the best buy, finding the best deal around as we all want to save our money for other things too.

We all have bills that need to be taken care of first.  And then we save our money for things we would like and patiently wait for when we can afford to get something.  Isn't it the way of it that there is always something new that the consumer in us just wants to have?

Which would you choose to have?  A nice laptop or a net book?

I personally would go for the laptop as my best and first choice.  For what I do with my photography and all the files I save and my documents, I would have to say that the laptop is definitely the better choice.

You have much more space in a laptop to store things than you would with a net book.

Well, I'm finally getting a little net book arriving in the mail soon.

Sylvania SYNET7WIC 7" Smartbook Windows Embedded Compact

This is the brand that will be helping me with my temporary dilemma.  If you have been following my posts you will know that I've been sharing my laptop with my daughter all summer so she can do her online games.  Well Santa should deliver her a new one by Christmas, but in the meantime that's four months for me to struggle with not being able to post on my blog. 

Here's how my fall time dilemma will be.  When she comes home from school in the afternoons she's going to want it for a while, and I am going to want to post more articles and make more money.  Or should I say "try to make more money writing online".  That's more like it.  I will say this month has been my very best for earnings.  The key is great keywords, quality work and posting often.  The more you post, the better your chances are.  That's why I also went back to writing at Triond too.

I'm jfay1995 there.

So, a few days ago, I thought of the net book to solve my problems.  I bought it.

There are some pitfalls to net books.  Even the one I bought had some not great reviews.  People were discouraging others to buy used items.  I ended up buying mine as it was only around $50 which is good enough to solve my issues.  I don't think I would ever buy one brand new when instead down the road I may need to buy a new laptop.  But I will work mine to the bone until I am forced to buy new.

I've also heard that when you buy used, sometimes there are problems with the passwords working, and of course getting online with it can be difficult depending on where you are trying to connect to.  But I'm going to take a chance.

Here's what I would think the good points of getting a net book would be.  I would think it would be good for a blogger possibly or anyone who just wants to write some articles and other stuff and just wants to post it to their blog.  I would think that it would do the job and be able to at least connect to my blog so that I can post and publish and publish to Triond.  I imagine it would be good to be able to save at least some pictures to the net book. 

True it wouldn't hold a lot.  But just enough to get to google images or something so that you can get some pictures to post along with your articles.  And then you can always go in and delete them after to save space.

It's small and compact so that you can take it anywhere.  That's got to be a plus.  It would be nice to be able to bring it home at night and write my posts and then publish in the morning.  I imagine it would let you save a certain amount of writing documents into it.  It's got to have some space in it to store things.

It must be a really good product for say someone who just likes to journal write.  Maybe that's all the person wants to do and I imagine it would be good for that.

 So anyway, that's what I can think would be good about it and I am sure hoping that it is going to solve my issues, as I've been pretty pumped now that school is starting that I can start writing lots more and getting a jump on my novels.  It's exciting to be able to get more out there.

I've got the crafting too, but I have gotten quite a lot of it all ready for my craft show right now.  But that stuff needs to get done too.  All in good time.  I'm just liking that I'm seeing more earnings lately for my writings and that is very nice to see.  It's still not a lot to write home about yet, but more than before.

I can actually buy a pound of coffee and perhaps a few books or other items the consumer in me would like to have.  Google AdSense is definitely accumulating.  Of course with them, they make you wait until it reaches $100 before you actually see your first money from them.  But when it gets to that, it will be nice to have in any one's pocket.  So I figure if I keep writing, I will eventually get there and who knows I could get there quicker if I'm writing more often.  Hopefully thanks to a Net book, so Julia can be happy and I can be happy too.  ha ha.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 28, 2012

So think really hard which one you would rather have, shop around to get the best buy and then hopefully be happy with your choice.


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