Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prince Harry's Video? Give him a break!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas  is really what should happen.  But we all know that this really isn't the case.  So many things happen to many people while out there for any given reason.  People go out there to get married, party, gamble and anything else that can happen out there.  It's a place to live it up.  A place where celebrities and anyone else who would like to visit can feel free to go when they want to.

But, we all know that with Prince Harry is now facing a huge embarrassment and he has to go back to London to face the family, have a one on one chat with Prince Charles and then to go on and deal with the anniversary of Princess Diana's death on Friday.  Now that's a lot to deal with.

I don't think a lot of people want to see the video.  Haven't we already seen enough?  It's his private life for God's sake.

Well, I'm sure there are many women out there that would like to see it.  He's cute.  I would have to agree there and he seems like a very nice guy and all.  But after hearing that he was with a group of women naked, my first thought was orgy and then I heard strip billiards, oh that's not so bad.  And he was on his vacation.

Still not any one I would ever want to associate myself should I have ever been famous.  I'm just not into the heavy partying type.  Not all of us want to drink all the time and then feel the effects of it afterwards.  And to be naked with a group of men I would just never do.  What's the saying on that?  To each his own.

It's like these people that are into being swingers, if that's how they want to live, let them do it.  We all have our own preferences.  Some of also choose to be straight and others would rather be gay.  It's just the way the world is nowadays.  I think it was always like that which dates all the way back centuries ago, but it probably was a very private affair.

I think it's awful when people judge others because they aren't the same way as them.  I'm very straight but I'm not prejudiced against others.  Although, out in public you do have to be careful about how affectionate you are.  Some people don't love to see a couple getting hot and heavy right in front of them.

I always remember one of my Mother's friends getting kind of disgusted about some couple doing that in front of her at Old Orchard Beach.  But back about thirty or more years ago it was probably just necking and kissing that she saw.  But for the times, it probably wasn't appropriate.

I think for Prince Harry this is probably going to be a lesson he is going to just have to learn.  It will be a good wake up call.  He has got to learn that he cannot trust people like he does.  People just want to betray him and deceive.  Everyone has a camera in their phone nowadays.

And once someone takes a picture or video of you naked, you cannot control what they do with it as it's in their possession to do with it what they will.

All I could think of is the title of one of Joyce Carol Oates books:  Do With Me What you Will.  Still have never read it, but one of these days I would love to sit down and read more of her work.  I find her writing fascinating.  She's another one of my favorites.

I think it is good that Las Vegas is standing by Prince Harry and that these people who used and abused will be banned from the area.  I'm sure a lot of people are also thinking that they should be banned from England.  It would seem only right.

What gives someone the right to come in with a camera and expose someone like that?  It's just not a proper thing to do.  And they should all deserved to get sued if that's where Prince Harry wants to go with it.

But anyway, now he probably just wants to get back and be with his family and get back to work and try to move on.  I'm sure he won't forget about it.

Nobody forgets the bad things that happen to you, but you can't stay mad or embarrassed for long.

Hey, I've done a bunch of things I probably shouldn't have done.  Some things are going to my grave with me as I think some of the things that happen in our lives should not be told to anyone.  Doesn't everyone have one or two secrets locked in their private closet? 

And there are others that have all kinds of secrets.  Sometimes our secrets get discovered and other times they stay hidden.  Sometimes we are embarrassed that we did it and just want to forget, and other times someone finds out someone did something and then people have to end up explaining what they did and why.

And sometimes people find out about what others do and never tell people that they know, because they know if they say something about it, they know the person who did the act whatever it was would get really embarrassed about it.

And the act that they did could be so minor and stupid and silly but the person could still be embarrassed that they had done it. 

Don't we get embarrassed about the silliest things sometimes.  Oh well, what are you going to do about it?  You certainly can't go back in time to change it as if it had never been done.  All you can do is move on and let sleeping dogs be as they are.  All you can do is change yourself and learn from your mistakes.

Okay, so Prince Harry made a mistake.  Let's hope he moves on.  Now what I would say is Just Leave him Alone.  But we know that won't happen as too many people want to talk about him all the time right now.

But truth be told it should be yesterday's news and not today's.  Now we have that awful violent act of Jeffery Johnson to think about and now not even The Empire State Building is safe anymore.  So we have what he did on our minds and the other one is that today Casey Anthony is a free woman.  But she really isn't free.  She's going to have the rest of her life to deal with all of us judging her and wanting justice for Casey Anthony.

Jennifer Jo Fay

August 25, 2012

Stay tuned for later, as right now I'm going to work on my crafting for a little bit.  I finished two photography quilts yesterday for the most part and I was up early this morning cutting out some more yo yo circles for my yo yo blanket throw and the bracelets.  My kids are coming back from their trip later today, so I probably should also take advantage of my laptop before my daughter wants to confiscate it for her online games!  And I'm going to eat my potato salad I made.  Don't you love it when you don't have to cook for a few days?

And I should see if I can squeeze in a few more posts before I see their car pull up into the driveway.  I would like to get in at least one new chapter from one of my fiction novels. 

Most of us would much rather look at him with clothing on.

And wasn't she so beautiful!  What a shame she had to be chased like she was.  I didn't realize until today that the anniversary of her death is coming up on Friday, so on Friday lets all remember what a beautiful person she was.  Inside and out.

The two photography quilts that I pretty much finished.  I'm not going to bother with a backing for them at least right now.  I mainly sewed them together so I could use them for my table when I'm at the craft show in a few months.  But I'm thinking I will at least sew all around the edges to make it look neater.  I've cut up yo yo circles out of all these materials, but I wanted a good sized square of each fabric for my still life photography purposes.

My little squares I have been cutting up over this last week or so.  They are a little bigger than an inch.  I will need to someday need a few of these to repair my great grandmother's quilt she made.  One year I went to wash it and the batting fell apart and I sewed in a new batting, but you can still see lots of the squares have fallen apart.

My flower petals I have been cutting up too.  I now have quite a bunch of these.  I found my old pattern for this and started cutting new ones.  I'm going to sew it differently this time to make those pretty fabric flowers.  All you do is sew two of them together then you pucker it up to make your pretty petal and then you can sew as many of them all together as you want.  I made a baby teether out of these years ago.  It's a Halloween theme and you can sew tracing paper inside so it will be crinkly for them.

My bag I sewed up when I was camping a few weeks ago and my new gel pen markers.  I'm going to use these for scrap booking this fall and also for making new paper dolls.

Yet another basket full of cut out pieces to later sew.  I'm sure this will carry me through to the wintertime.

My nail polish collection.  Like I need anymore, huh?  Not.  I've got some of the crackle ones in there too.  Those were fun.  My daughter is taking a liking to painting my nails again, now that she knows she's going to get $2 for doing the hands and $2 for the feet instead of $1 for each.  Kids crave inflation too!

Two of my Rose of Sharon bushes that are getting so huge this year, I'm going to have to go and trim them down.  I love photography.  And of course I love flowers.

A small part of one of my drawings.  I love this part of it.

The yo yo circles after they are sewn and gathered.  They look quite cute.  This is the side that would usually show on the blankets.

And the other big basket full of these.  Plus today's pile is sitting next to me about eight inches high!  I guess I will be up to my neck in these for a while and I want to get back to knitting another one of those honeycomb cabled headbands.  It's been a few weeks since I've been knitting.  But I had to fit the novels in too.  We can't have it all at once.

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