Friday, August 24, 2012

Rude People, Rude Comments

I've been busy blog hopping and commenting today and I recently came back to view some new comments.

Most people leave nice comments, good feedback, tell you nicely when you are perhaps wrong about something which is a good thing.  We like to know if we are doing something wrong.  We like learning new things every day. 

That's why we go read other blogs. 

And sometimes when we blog about something, occasionally we don't have all the facts.

Take my Prince Harry gets in Trouble post for instance, as that's where my rude comment came from.  Well, my first thought was that he was having an orgy and later I found out he was just playing strip billards, which was quite harmless and he is a single guy and has every right to have his fun before he decides to settle down.  But usually when I hear about someone being in a room full of naked women that is the first thought that comes into my mind.  We really don't know what goes on behind a closed door and if someone is into having orgies, they certainly aren't going to tell anyone about it.

We don't always remember every important detail about something when we go to write.  Which is why we need to learn to do better research.

But, here is what I mean about rude people and rude comments.  It's fine to criticize something about someone's writing and politely tell them how they can improve it.  But you don't go telling someone that they need to change the name of their blog.  That's not very nice at all.

This is the comment I received from the Prince Harry post.  The person had the nerve to tell me to change my blog name, The Authentic Life as he felt it was hardly the Authentic Life.

Well, I basically told him he has a right to his opinion and he can simply go somewhere else as I am definitely not changing the name of my blog for ANYONE.  It's my Authentic Life and nobody can take it away from me.

It's my words, not someone else's.  And if you don't like something and my opinions are different than yours then you can simply choose to not come back to read as I'm here to please myself first and foremost and then to share with people who DO like to stay and read.

I feel that I am improving into a very good writer and artist.  I've travelled a long way into my OWN UNIQUE VOICE AND MY OWN OPINIONS.  We all have a right to our own opinions and nobody is going to change our way of thinking.

It takes a really long time to improve our writings and there is this non stop room for improvement.  None of us are perfect.  As far as I'm concerned, I'm sure that rude guy has some flaws too.  And one of them is being rude.

I do try my best to listen to the majority of people who leave comments and I always come back to leave my comments too.

But there is a place where the really rude people can go, but I just won't say it.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 24, 2012


  1. I like your blog and I like that you speak your mind about timely issues. ANd I thought the same as you - that Harry was in some sort of orgy. I read that poster's comments and thought "idiot" and moved on. People think what they think and some people say things just to be mean...don't sweat that nonsense. Your readers think you're fabulous...

  2. Thank-you very much, Nothy. I try my best to please everyone, but you can't please the world. There's always going to someone who just doesn't agree. We all have the right to our own opinions. I think the important thing is not to let it get to us when someone does post something that wasn't called for. It kind of stabs us for a minute or two and then we move on.