Thursday, May 31, 2012

FACEBOOK IS LYING TO US   the link to my You Tube video:  FACEBOOK SUCKS!
Facebook really needs to change their ways.  They are telling us we can share with people all over the world, yet then they ban us for making spammy and irrelevant comments.
A little while ago from Dec to a few weeks ago, I was posting links to my Zazzle store, Etsy shop or my blog.  I only did it once in a while for quite a few months.
The first things I noticed was that Face book would only let me do so many searches and then they would not let me do it for the rest of the day.  This was only after an hour of searching.
They also only let you request only a certain amount of friends in a time frame.
Then about three or four weeks ago, I started posting my links to just my blog on popular FB walls.  Like Ellen, Kathy Lee and hoda Kotb, Today show, etc....
Finally a little over a week ago, a warning came up saying I was posting spammy and irrelevant comments.  So I got banned from posting on walls for fifteen days.  Where, I suddenly realized that I wasn't allowed to post my links.  So, I had decided to stop posting links from now on.
Then while being banned I realized that they let you post under your face book page.  So if you have two or three pages like me, you can choose to post under any one of them.
So, while banned I was figuring that I would be able to post under my blog page without needing to supply a link or talk about it.  It was right there in the title and people could just go to the page if they wanted to check it out.  So I figured I would be okay to go to the popular pages and simply comment on their stuff under my FB page.  No.
A few nights ago, I opened up a new FB account using my mother's maiden name.  And I created a facebook page:  Jennifer's Authentic Blog and Etsy shop.
My other pages are:
Authentic Life Blog
Jennifer jo Fay's Zazzle Store for Photography
Etsy Shop jfaypaperdolls
I don't dare to post on walls of any of these.  I'm not even sure if I dare to post on walls even under my name.  Even though the comments are relevant and not spammy.  Face book is going to call them spammy and irrelevant.
I started posting on their pages for a little bit in the morning yesterday under my FB page on my new account.  All I was posting was comments to their stuff.  Never once posting about my blog, etsy shop or page.
Examples:  On Ellen, she had posted a picture of a dog hugging a sleeping child.  My comment was, "What a cute dog and child.  Love it."  How is that considered spam or irrelevant?
On Kathy Lee and Hoda, they were asking us for our opinions on their topics.  Example:  Do you think a marriage fails if the man isn't the bread winner?  All I posted was my opinion on that.  How is that being spammy and irrelevant?
FACEBOOK is a big liar.  They tell you that you can post under your FB page and then turn around and call you spammy and irrelevant.
They tell you that FACEBOOK is all about sharing across the internet.  They are not, because they turn on you and call you spammy and irrelevant.
I am wondering if I posted to my hearts content under my own name on the popular facebook walls that they are going to call me spammy and irrelevant even though I am posting things that relate to what they are talking about.
And then on Ellen's wall or Kathy Lee or Today, maybe I am posting:  Can you get Kristen Stewart on your show to talk about her new movie?  Or could you talk about blogging on your show?  Or can you talk about finding jobs?  You mean to say, FACEBOOK that we can't ask them questions about that stuff.
They actually want to know what we are thinking and do read the stuff that gets posted on their walls.  You mean to tell me that we can't share our opinions with them?  Or share our stories that relate to what they are talking about?
My comments had nothing to do with misleading, confusing, or fraud.  Those are actual violations that you can't do on FACEBOOK.  But it says nothing in there that you can't comment on topics under your  FB page.
They are liars.  And their head honcho is the biggest one as he has lied about what FACEBOOK is all about.
And these other sites like Twitter and Pinterest are going to surpass them, because they are messing up.
A real spammer will continue to post their links, create lots of fake accounts and will do it over and over again.
I honestly can't classify myself as one of them.
I'm just the average person that doesn't have the money to fork over for FACEBOOK advertising.  I did fork over advertising to FACEBOOK for a few months last year and what did it get me?  Zilch.  Nothing in return.  No sales, no nothing.
Most of us can't pay for any advertising and we create a FB page in hopes of getting readers to our blog, website or etsy shop.  It was getting me more readers for a little bit.  The traffic actually worked.
But FACEBOOK is determined to stop all of us from getting traffic to our pages, blogs, websites, etc.  They don't want us to get any free advertising to our FB page.  They don't want to help the average joe get our stuff off the ground.  But if we pay them their $65 or more, they are all over it in a heart beat.  No more of my money goes to them.
And if it weren't for FRIENDS and FAMILY, I would be cancelling my accounts.
Here I'm thinking, how can I get 2000 likes to my FB page if we aren't allowed to post on walls to get people to it?  Sure, you can get your Friends and Family to like it, but that's it.
Here, I'm wondering how these other blog pages can get to that?  How are they able to get to 2000 likes and not me?  I would imagine that they are getting the same warning pop up for them if they are posting.
Is there another way that they are getting people flocking to their blog if they can't post and spread the word on FACEBOOK?

Jennifer Jo Fay
May 31, 2012

I hope my video goes viral, it would serve them right.  It would be a warning to people to know how strict and nasty FACEBOOK can be even if you aren't being spammy and irrelevant.  Maybe they just don't want you to post too much.  But you should be able to post to your hearts content if you are posting relevant comments to their stuff.
I guess we aren't allowed to share our stories and FACEBOOK doesn't believe in FREEDOM of SPEECH.  What they do believe in is that every average joe is being a SPAMMER and that is wrong to jump to conclusions about us honest people.


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  2. Thanks. Over time, I have learned what does work on facebook and what does not. I'm glad to post now that I'm not having any more major problems with facebook and can post on my FB pages and comment on other's posts. I very rarely now go to someone else's wall and post my links. I might post a link once in a great while to a writing group I'm in with FB or something that really relates.
    It's good to know that Facebook does care to learn how they can make it better by searching out our blog posts about Facebook to see how they can change things. Thank-you for stopping by.