Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Facebook Sucks! Watch out when posting under your Facebook Page you've created   The link to today's you tube video;  FACEBOOK SUCKS!

Facebook really needs to change their policy.
I have been banned from posting on FB walls for 15 days because I was posting my links onto FB walls under my regular account and not my FB page.  I can understand that they don't want you to post links to your stuff.  Okay, that's a given.  And my banned time is going to be done by next week.
In the meantime, I went in and created a separate FB account last night and created my fb page on that account.  That one was called  Jennifer's Authentic Blog and Etsy Shop.
Well, I got it active this morning and posted a few things on my fb page.  That was all that was active on the new account as I wasn't planning on posting under that name, as it isn't associated with any of my friends.  
So, then after putting some stuff on my fb page, I went to my favorite fb walls and started posting comments.  Ellen, The Talk, Kathy Lee and Hoda and the Today show.  I think that was the only places I was posting comments.
I never once posted a link to anything, never once posted anything about my blog or etsy shop.  I didn't need to as it was in the title when I was posting.
All I was doing was commenting on relevant topics on their walls.  Example:  On Ellen, she had a cute picture of a dog hugging a sleeping child, so I commented, "What a cute picture."
I probably posted comments related to some of her other stuff too.
Then, when I was done commenting on her things, which one of the other ones was I had posted a funny comment about the fireman stripper she had on her show on Monday.  Just posted that I had seen it and it was funny and that I was wondering if he was going to take his pants off.
And I probably posted something else asking if she could get Kristen Stewart on her show to talk about the new movie.
Then went on to Kathy Lee and the Today show and posted comments that related to the post they had done.
And then on Kathy Lee and another one I posted my opinions about topics.  Both places were actually asking us to express our opinions about things.  Like:  Do you think a marriage can last if the man isn't the bread winner?  Or what do you think about wine for breakfast?  Or any other comment that we should be able to express our opinion about.
After doing a bunch of comments on the pages I got the not so nice FB notice that "You are making spammy or irrelevant comments and they threatened to either ban me or something.
Boy, was I ticked off.  Here I'm thinking that I haven't done any spammy or irrelevant comment at all today.  Not once did I push a link, or say anything about my fb page or blog.  How on earth is commenting on their stuff being spammy?  
How on earth is posting your opinion to a topic that they have just asked your opinion about being spammy or irrelevant?  I don't get it.
Then I went and checked the fb page spam rules and after reading, I didn't see anything that I have violated. 
I went in to the help center earlier today and posted lots of questions (or more like complaints) as I would like to complain to fb directly.
I can understand not posting a link, but we should be able to post an opinion on fb walls under our facebookpage.
What about freedom of speech?  Whatever happened to it?  I guess FB doesn't support freedom of speech.  I guess only to our family and friends.  
So if you want to post on all these popular fb walls, watch out as Facebook will be so quick to call you spammyand irrelevant even if you aren't.  
I'm tempted to create a You Tube video on this tomorrow and let everyone know how terrible FB is.
They should allow us to post our opinions on walls under our FB page.  Majority of us can't afford to pay for FBadvertising which they would love to cash in on us.
They just don't want us posting under our fb pages and gaining followers or readers for free.  But if we pay FBthen they're all over it like sugar on  dollar bill.
Here's their FB rules on What is Page Spam
You tell me if you think I have violated it.  Honestly, I don't think I have.  Unless they just don't want you to post comments on FB walls under your FB page at all.  But then if that is the case, why on earth do they let you have the option to post either as you or under your FB page names?  I don't get the reasoning behind that.
Pages, groups, or events that confuse, mislead, surprise, or defraud users are considered abusive. The following material is not allowed:
  • Pages, groups, or events that require users to invite all friends by either javascripts or manual invitation.
  • Pages, groups, or events that are misleading, deceptive, or otherwise misrepresent the prize or any other aspect of the promotion.
  • Pages, groups, or events conditioning entry in a promotion upon a user providing content on Facebook, such as making a post on a profile (timeline) or Page, status comment or photo upload.
  • Pages, groups, or events administering a promotion that users automatically enter by liking the group or Page or accepting the event invitation.

    If it wasn't for friends and family, I would tell them to go shove it and cancel my account.  That's about the only thing that FAcebook is good for.  

    So, maybe I will be forgetting about my FB pages and just let them rot in a jar.

    Jennifer Jo Fay

    May 30, 2012

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