Thursday, May 31, 2012

Forget Facebook, how about Spacebook? Where Freedom of Speech would rock!!!

Well, after all my complaining about Facebook today and in the last few days, I have learned some things.

First of all, I was so distracted today, that when my son, Jake came home, I realized I had missed his pizza party with his swimming that he does through out the year. Boy, was I bummed about that. He's one of the disability kids that participates.

I forgot all about it and was posting FB articles here and at Blogher and my blog and posting the you tube video about Facebook. I ended up doing two you tube videos. The first one took so long to do as it didn't recognize the video format and it ended up being in mute so I had to delete it and do the whole thing over so people could hear me instead of seeing this mute mouth going a mile a minute.

And I took some time in the morning to mail my Ebay packages to people too. So, just way too distracted. Oh well, I did pay money for my pizza but that's the breaks. I will have to try to go in the fall. he has a pizza party two times during the school year. I've made it to most of them.
Well, finally after Jake came back, my oldest, Sean arrived home too, so we got talking and I got telling him about Facebook banning me and posting etc...

Well, he tells me, you're not supposed to post too much on popular walls. Excessive posting isn't okay. Boy, I wish Facebook would have given us some guidelines on that when we signed up for the account. Instead they choose to leave us in the dark and we have to learn things the hard way and figure out things after the fact.

And for today, I have been going into their forum and trying to answer some things that I know and maybe learn some things I didn't know.

I still think they need to learn a thing or two about freedom of speech. Right now I am trying to see what the limits are to posting on popular walls and how many posts you can do each day and how many walls you can post on each day. I think they owe it to us to tell us. Instead of leaving us in the dark and then we get banned for 15 days or possibly disabled. Which is why I want to find out my limits as the next thing that will happen to my account would be getting disabled. And I don't want that.

Which now brings me to one of my FB friends thoughts that someone should come up with a spacebook where everyone can post to their hearts content, not care what anyone says. A place where everyone can go to share whatever they want. Links to their stuff like we can do with Twitter. Post on walls whenever we want and popular walls can just choose not to read stuff, scroll down to what they want to take in. And they would just have to know if they choose to join the site, we all say exactly what we want, when we want and to anyone we want.

The sky is the limit. But yes, there should be some limits. Like profanity, obscenities and violence and real abuse. That stuff should be reported no matter what site you are on. And if you can recognize a true spammer, okay.

But it should be a place for us to post often, not get banned when we do postings more often, let us post where we want, do as many searches as we want and follow who we want.
Most of us just want readers to our blogs or clients to our websites or etsy shops. We want to get our stuff off the ground and noticed just like everyone else.

Spacebook would be a place to do that if someone could come up with the idea and see it through.
We all need a place where freedom of speech rocks and a place where we don't have to worry about what we say and do as much. We all like to give links to our stuff. And people can either choose to go and read, click like if they want and meet new people all the time who share the same likes and goals.

Jennifer Jo Fay

May 31, 2012

I guess I know what my next You Tube Video will be. How about something like Forget Facebook, how about Spacebook? On it.

New note:  I ended up deleting my Facebook Video where I ranted.  It was better not to have it there.

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