Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coffee, handmade and good friends

Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee in the morning?  How many of us would not be able to stop if our life depended on it?

We're addicts and loving it!!   And I just read something today that people who drink coffee live longer.  Drink up!!

 Would love to make the biscotti sometime to go with it.  Good friends, coffee and sweets are a must!

 This is an old cup of coffee that has long left my body!  Ha. Ha.

This one cracks me up.

And what do you like to put in your coffee?  For me it is sugar, sugar, sugar, and Bailey's Irish Coffee Creamer.  And when that isn't available I make a homemade one with milk, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk and shake it all up in the Bailey's container.  Yum.  And sometimes a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg on the top.

And when I have the holiday Kahlua available, I use a little of that for an added kick.

I could never drink it black.  Disgusting.  I probably should learn to cut back on the sugar though.  I'm sure it's not the best thing.  But, I will say my youngest daughter steals a little bit of my coffee sometimes.  She is funny.  She'll grab it from my hands at the bus stop and drink a few sips in front of her friends.  Ha ha.

I'm sure the small amount won't hurt her.  Well, she's home now and having me sample some of her drink concoctions.  She made one with Diet Coke and Sunny D and the one she's drinking is Diet Coke, Sunny D and a Cherry flavored drink.  Not bad.  She gave me the Diet Coke and Sunny D one.  Which is next to my cold second cup of coffee.

She got the idea from me.  For the last few weeks I have been mixing some drinks for a preview of summer time drinks.  Ginger ale and orange juice.  Ginger ale and Grapefruit juice and Gingerale and pineapple.  And one day we mixed one of the drinks with one of those cherry flavored packets from their Lunchables.  They usually mix it in their water bottle, but it often ends up not getting used.  So I taught her to mix it with other drinks.

And now this is making me think of a drink a grammar school bff made with me once.  It originated with a favorite cousin of mine.  So then, one night while my friend was sleeping over, we made it.  It was called The Graveyard.

We mixed my mom's homemade iced tea with lemons.  My siblings and I liked the Lipton Iced tea better, but this was one Mom and Dad liked.  Then we mixed maybe a little orange juice, some soap and some laundry detergent.  Then we took the drink downstairs, knocked on our neighbor's door and tried to get us to drink it.  She was one of my Mom's closest friends that was a neighbor and I babysat her daughter.

Well, we were standing outside in the night watching her hold the cup in her hands and she watched us while we couldn't stop laughing.  I can't remember if she sipped any.  And I'm sure we never tried it either.  I think we might have gotten my Mom to try a sip or two.  Maybe we got one of my siblings to try it.  Seems like I'm remembering someone reacting to it and spitting it out.

Fun times.

So if someone ever asks you to have a Graveyard or some crazy concoction and starts laughing, dump it out!  You know it's bad.

And have you ever sipped a drink that one of your daughters gave you and liked it.  Then a minute later she tells you she spit in it?  My older one has done that to me.  But I think she was fibbing.

Anyhoo...... back to loving coffee.  Yum.  And to share it with good friends is the best.  There's nothing like sitting at a table somewhere sipping on good coffee and sharing good times with girlfriends.  Or sitting in a kitchen with your family and waking up to good coffee and a big breakfast.  This is the norm when I visit my sister and my family at her house in Maine on holidays.  And same when they come to Vermont to visit on one of the kids birthday parties.

They live five hours away from us so we don't see them all the time.  At least they aren't halfway across the country so we never see them.

And then onto handmade.  Don't you love it when you wake up to good coffee and something handmade?  This was my Mother's Day treat.  It doesn't happen all the time.  Most of the time it happens on those special holidays.

But anytime someone makes something handmade it is a real treat.  I even used to love it when my sister n law would make something special for me.  She once made me a felted purse or bag.  I think my daughter has it now.

I'm back.  I went out with my youngest, Julia into the garden.  She saw that I had planted my herb seeds in some of the planters and brought them out to the garden and she wanted to plant her flower seeds that I let the girls plant.  And then before I knew it, I found myself pulling weeds.  And she started pulling some too.  A nice quality girls time in the garden.

I started tackling this terrible weed that spreads throughout the whole lower part of my big garden.  It started growing a few years ago and it spreads.  I let it grow the first year and nothing flowered.  Last year, I took it to a garden shop and we determined it a weed along with others.  There's a little yellow one that spreads too but it is smaller.

Last fall this one I was pulling today got to be eight feet tall.  So, I figure this year, I will nip it in the bud before it gets too big.  It's about a foot right now and will be a little easier.  I'm done for today though.  Little bits at a time.

And I will save the worst weed for last at the top of the garden.  One year I planted a little weed from my mother's hydrangea bush.  I thought I was planting a piece of her bush and then it turned into a nasty vine that travels and spreads all out of the garden.  And it is a B....... to pull out.  It's roots turn orange and they are in there deep.

Well, I've got to finish this post quick.  Mollyanne wants me to take her to the Learning Express to spend her money.  Then she tried to tempt me by saying, "I might give you a dollar."  A tease to say, "Let's get going."

I told her she already spent money on me for Mother's Day and to keep her money.  She was cute last Saturday.  When I was all upset about my flat tire and thinking I had to get a new tire on top of all the other repairs, she could see I was upset and she tossed me her six dollars.  Of course I tossed it back.  The only time I will take a small amount of their money is if I am cleaning their rooms and find a few coins lying on the floor.

Money for the MAID.

Well, I will part with some pictures.

Jennifer Jo Fay

May 16, 2012

Check out my new Authentic Life Blog page on Facebook.  It will be a little supplement to the blog.  A page to get more readers to my blog and basically an update.

But I found myself posting little thoughts on the page that I haven't written a post about yet.  And then another fun thing I started a short while ago is the STORYLINE STARTER.

What it is:  A picture that I will post and I will write a short paragraph that could be a story from it.  And at a later date I might write something longer from it and any of my readers who are writers could choose to take it and then write their own story from it.  Or they could change the whole thing if they want and write a visual from the pictures.

Could be fun.

 My planters that hopefully will have my plants in them later instead of just the seeds.  I was keeping my herb seeds in the little bag all winter.  Growing lavender, chamomile, purple mint, eucalyptus tree, hybyscus, horehound, and some others that I forgot.
 One of my bushes early yesterday morning.  Along with the Azalea too.  All my azaleas are really tall this year.

Bleeding hearts.  I've got a red one in the back yard.

 The mother's day gifts my girls made in Girl Scouts.  I've got a phone button in there somewhere.  I'm using this next to my coffee to stash my scissors and a few pens.

My new tall coffee cup for Mother's day with all my fixings etc....Those cups with the covers are good.

Came in handy last winter when I went to sit down in a canvas chair in the cellar last year while I watched Sean play a game.  I sat down and before I knew it  my blue cup like this one was flying out of my hands and the chair and I fell backwards.  Mostly stunned me.  Although I developed a little headache afterwards.

Sean and I had a good laugh.

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