Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Everyone! What are you Thankful for?


What are you most thankful for on this beautiful sunny day?  Well, maybe in some parts of the world the weather isn't as nice, but it's still a glorious day all the same.  We're mothers and that is the greatest gift on earth.

To be able to have given birth to a miracle, multiple miracles, artificial insemination, adoption and others, it is the most amazing thing on this planet.  I have given birth to four children, Sean, Jake, Mollyanne and Julia and they are my most prized possessions.

I am so thankful for having wonderful children, a close knit family, great relations with my ex (their father) and his parents.  It was rocky during the separation, but now everything is as it should be.  Calm, civil and just plain good friends.  And I am also thankful for a wonderful new boyfriend that is added to my life.  I'm thankful to be having a fun job selling on EBay that allows me to be around my children every day.  And I am thankful for the quality time in between when the children aren't here so I can do all my arts and crafts and hobbies that I love.  And most of all, I am thankful to be alive each new day, to smell the fresh air, drink coffee, eat good food and to know I have a perfect beating heart that keeps me going.

What are you thankful for?

And as Mother's we are very patient, kind, nurturing loving people who want the best for our children.  We would take the shirts off our backs for them, we would do anything for them and some of us had died for them.  Our children are our number one priority in this life we call ours.  

What are we to them?  Their mother of course, chauffeur, the famous human napkin (yuck), nurse, maid, comedian, singer of crazy made up songs or old ones that stick in our heads, (mine is A Way Down South in The Land of Cotton.  Jake my downs child laughs every time I sing it.), teacher, caregiver, bearer of cool gifts, maker of yummy sweet treats, storyteller (the old days), art teacher, authority figure, best friend, the person most hated (we're not parents if they've never said they hate us), mediator (when your two siblings start to pick a fight or argument), the person who gets rid of unwanted toys and junk, trash picker upper, grocery shopper (and don't bring your kids with you if you can have someone watch them.  Sometimes you come back with extra snacks or a crying kid that can't have something), and just about any other thing that we are to them.

 Today is Mother's Day and a day to just try to wipe everything away for a little bit.  An R & R with the kids.  Everything else will fall into place as fate will have it.

So, last night I slept over the kids house and slept on their couch.  We had a late night, I finished listing my EBay items while the girls, Jake and Todd were at the Drive-Ins.  They saw that new pirate kids movie and Dark Shadows.  Mollyanne was much more interested in Dark Shadows.  The other day she was watching previews on her computer and asking me who and what everyone on the movie was.  I told her I didn't know as I haven't seen the movie.  I remember hearing about the original soap opera it's loosely based from.  (Before my time).  And then, she was on some site that lets you do fun stuff.  I looked over and she had a photo of Julia dressed as one of the movie characters.  That was funny.

This morning I woke up early and looked over and Julia was still asleep.  She sleeps on the couch with me when I sleep over.  She won't be doing it tonight as it's a school night.  So, I wake up at 3AM, do my business and turn off the light that we forgot to shut off.  Julia woke up for five minutes after that.

Then I woke up at 6AM and decided to stay up and sew up one of my cool new reversible headbands.  I look over at Julia and she just looks so beautiful when she is sleeping.  

Aren't they like angels when they are asleep.  I wanted to take a picture of her but all our cameras were needing to be charged up.  My camera battery died on me last night when I was ready to take pictures of two more sundresses that don't fit me anymore.  It can wait.  I just listed a whole batch of things yesterday.

So I just simply treasured that small window of time to watch her sleep peacefully.  Beauty sleep as our mothers called it.

And I wish I could say Happy Mother's Day to my mom today.  For the last eleven years I have been wishing I could say that.  Never again.  But she was the most wonderful mother.  I put her on a pedestal and idolized her.  She was the best. 

Aren't all our mothers the best?  That is what all you mother's out there that still have yours with you should be thanking your lucky stars that you still have them in your life, because suddenly you wake up one day and CANCER could take them away without you saying okay and they are gone and all you have is the most prized possession.  The memories of them and how they nurtured you and did the most important job in the world.  Raising you.   

There's no other job in the world that can live up to that standard.  That is what being a parent is all about.  When you pop that child out, the two of you or whoever you have in your life exist for them.  

You get a little bit older and it's all about them.  Then as they get older and become parents, it's all about their kids and the train goes on and on.  There's no end.

Those priceless miracles are yours.  And you know you can't put a price on them.  There isn't one.

And to all you moms out there that have had to bury a son (my cousin among them), just know that he or she is up there telling you "Happy Mother's Day" today.  Their spirits are with you all the time.  Find comfort in that and know that they would want you to go on and be happy.

And then, today are the fun things.  Waiting for your children to realize today is Mother's Day and say the words, (Julia took about a half hour before it dawning on her) bring you their cards, their handmade gifts and another little store bought gift that their father helped them get.

Mine was a cute little card with all my little mice leaving their footprints on the card with all their names on it.  Two cute little cans with button flowers that my girls made at Girl Scouts for me.  I love them.  One has sunflowers on the can and the other is peaches and they've got little heart buttons, stars, a phone and others on it.  If that camera was charged up I would have had a picture of it for my post today.  Bummer.  Will share another day.  I've got my sewing scissors in it too.

And then the little store bought item was one of those plastic coffee cups with the cover and straw and it says Love You Mom!  Love it and it has my coffee in it right now.  Which I might have to heat up soon.  Those cups are great.  I've got one more that I got for free at our local bank, so will probably leave one at my boyfriend's house.

So, today we are just now relaxing and are on our computers.  My girls have decided to go back to playing on the Webkinz site.  They haven't been there in a while.  They've been watching You Tube videos of The Littlest Pet Shop characters the older girls make.  Some of them are quite violent.  One Mollyanne had me watch was quite long and the pet shop character got adopted by a psycho mother who had already killed the father and there was lots of killing with ketchup on the innocent toys.  

And I pulled out an old photo of me this morning to show them.  It was a picture of me about their age sitting on my mom's couch in my first nightgown creation I had sewn.  Crazy concoction, and the sleeves were made out of this funky striped fabric that my mother had also made marble bags for my sister and I.  It actually fit me at the time, and now is long gone.  Along with the crazy popsicle stick house I made for my Honey hill dolls when I was their age.  That thing took forever to make and was larger than a big Barbie doll Van.  I had glued the whole thing to a piece of wood and painted the outside a funky green.

The sun is gone now.  Oh well.  I did pull out my herb and flower seeds this morning in case the girls and I want to escape out into the garden for a short bit today.  I don't feel like planting all of them, but maybe we will get a little start into it.  I'm going to grow lots of lavender, chamomile, mint, hyssop, eucalyptus, and the girls will plant the flower and carrot seeds.

But it will over all just be a quiet day, playing around and enjoying our time together.  And I will sleep over once more and worry about my car tomorrow.

So, once again, Happy Mother's day!  Enjoy every minute (especially if your kids think to make breakfast in bed for you, clean up the house, be good and no fights, and tend to your every need.  Maybe paint your nails and do extra household chores.  Because you know that tomorrow or any day in the future their rates could go up and your in a nutshell floating down the shallow creek with no nail polish on your nails!  Ha ha!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 13, 2012

The little Toni doll I got at the yard sale.  Brought her home, thinking I would sell her, cleaned her up, bleached her undergarment and those dirty socks and she is in really lovely condition.  I might end up keeping her and making some knitted outfits for her.  She can be a model for the outfits I might like to sell in the future.

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