Saturday, May 19, 2012

Time To Garden

May is almost done and by now in most places it is safe to start planting our seeds and flowers into the ground. Although with some you may want to cover things up on nights that you are going to have a frost.

My planting stuff had been waiting all year and finally the other day, I decided to plant them.  So we will see what happens.  I wasn't super particular in how I planted my seeds.  It's just going to be a matter of what takes root.

And my poppy seeds I just tossed all over a part of the garden and I will see if something grows.

On Thursday, I started to weed my garden.  Those terrible weeds are starting again.

Yesterday, Julia wanted me to weed in the garden again with her.

She was funny a few days ago.  I brought them to Learning Express to spend their money.  Mollyanne had just under $10 and wanted a Webkinz.  I told her I would pay for the rest.  Julia only had $2.  So I ended up getting both one and Julia is to give me her allowance money.

Well, she comes in from weeding the garden and asks her dad if she can get extra money from pulling the weeds in the garden.

Her dad says, "How about pulling the weeds in the living room?"  I laughed.  The living room is basically like their playroom and it is so messy.  They need to do some cleanup today.

I got so busy yesterday with yardsaling and then listing my stuff on eBay.  Hopefully another wave of good money.

And then I just felt tired.

Don't you just have some of those days where you don't want to do anything?  I think that was one of those days.  She pulled me out into the garden and I pulled a bunch of weeds and then got deciding I was done for the day.  And I felt exhausted just walking back into the house.

I worked a little on a headband.

I did watch Dream House on Thursday evening.  It was good.  It's not one I would buy though and keep watching.  Now I am looking forward to seeing Gone.  Now if I like that one, I might want to buy it.

Today is my day to sleep over the kids house.  Shortly after this, I am going to hit a few more yard sales that weren't out yesterday and mail my packages.

I got most of them wrapped up last night so I don't have to do that this morning.

Filled myself with my first cup of coffee.  And I'm almost ready to go.

I listed close to thirty outfits yesterday.  And I got down to the last and decided not to list it.  I bought a nice skirt bathing suit at someones sale.  It's my size, it's pink at the top and purple towards the bottom with flowers all over it.  I'm thinking it would be nice to have a second bathing suit to fall back on.

When I was holding it at the sale and waiting to see if I could get the guy to go lower on his price.  I didn't want to pay $2 for each outfit..  He did agree.  But while I was waiting, an older woman was eye balling my bathing suit and she asked what the size was.

I didn't tell her, as I had no intention of putting it back into the up for grabs pile.

I didn't find too much for me to keep at the sales.  Only keepers were the bathing suit, a few bags of the old wooden sewing threads and some fabric.

I see people on etsy selling the wooden spools just by themselves.  I think a lot of people craft with them.  I saw some cute bookmarks with them on Pinter est.  So maybe I will try that when the thread is gone.

And the fabric is always good.  I have to watch Julia though.  The other day, she decided to take it upon herself to cut up some of my good fabric.  So I told her she should ask me before cutting.  Sometimes I have them waiting for a certain project.  Most of the time she is okay, as a lot of it is just the t shirt scraps and other stuff that's not as important.

Except for another day she saw a piece of my vintage lace fabric that I cut up from a little girls dress I had been holding onto for years.  I made her give it to me and I cut a bigger piece for me and then I split the other half between both girls as her sister wanted a piece too.

Well, be back later.

I think I would like to write the next chapter of The Glorious Money Tree today.  And maybe I will  start moving The Thief Who Wouldn't Learn over to this blog.

jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 18, 2012

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