Thursday, May 31, 2012

Freedom of Speech and why we need a site called Spacebook

Man, has this been a day for complaining.  Don't you hate it when something really makes you angry and you need to vent about it and complain?
Today and yesterday has been my day.  And it's been FACEBOOK that I 've been complaining about.  Got banned for posting spammy or irrelevant links last week, then created the second account yesterday and started posting under my fb page on that account.  Wasn't giving links to my blog anymore and instead posted under my fb page and posted comments to their stuff.  They related to the topics too, so when I saw the warning that I was posting spammy and irrelevant posts, I was furious and enraged with FACEBOOK.  I had every right to be.

Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?  Shouldn't Facebook be a place to go to where you can say anything you want and nobody cares?  It's not going to be found at Facebook.
One of my FB friends commented on my complaint and about missing Jake's pizza party.  She's the assistant who helps him off the bus.
She said instead of FACEBOOK there should be a SPACEBOOK where everyone could go to write anything we want, post anything, supply a link, find friends, meet new friends, find blogs, websites, etsy stores, and anything that interests us.
It would be a lot better than FACEBOOK because we could post anytime we want.  
There should be one rule.  No excessive profanity, obscenities, violence and major abuse.  And if they find a real spammer, go ahead and report them.  But it shouldn't be reporting the average person who just likes to post their opinion a lot and post their links.  
It should be like TWITTER in the sense that we could provide our links to our stuff.  It would be a site that supports free promoting.  Seeing that so many of us don't have the money to pay for advertising.  And so many of us, me among them, have hardly made any sales anywhere.  I have made a few at Zazzle, but that's nothing to write home about.  You're talking 54 cents and 1.60.  Zazzle gets most of the money.  And I haven't sold a thing at my Etsy shop.
It should support us and let us do as many posts as we want.  
And if any celebrity or popular page wants to join the site, they would have to realize before they join that they are going to get bombarded with stuff.  But they can choose just like the rest of us not to check it out, not to read and ignore it if they want.  And if they don't want the opportunity to be a part of freedom of speech then they should stay at FB where FB is going to ban all us regular people for maybe posting more than several times a day at their stuff and then going onto another FB wall and posting there too.
Wouldn't you like a Spacebook where maybe you aren't limited to posting at popular FB walls more than eight times a day?  I will not dare to do more than that now, as I don't want my FB account disabled.  I do like Friends and Family.  That is nice to be able to connect with them when they are four or five states away and you can chat with them all day if you want to.
Wouldn't you rather be able to post more often when and where you want and not get banned or disabled for it?  Spacebook would be that place to go to for it.
Posting on FB walls eight to ten times a day isn't very much if you like to post at a bunch of them.  
If we were able to post at them more often under our FB page and get the okay to do it, that would help put us on the map too.
Why do all these other people get to do it and not us?  Why do these other blogs get popular or a website or etsy store takes off and ours never gets off the ground?  It's not fair.
Spacebook would be a place where we could do that.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to put my two cents at a bunch of places.  I like speaking my mind.  FOS!!!!!
FACEBOOK is more strict that most of these other sites, but there needs to be some site like SPACEBOOK to come in and take over FACEBOOK's limelight.
There is PINTEREST.  They are becoming the new facebook.  But it's not in the same set up as FACEBOOK.
SPACEBOOK needs to be similar to facebook but better.

Jennifer Jo Fay
May 31, 2012

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