Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Story Line Starters


Jordana quietly reflected on everything that preceded this very moment. Once a little girl who spit out the cherry pits across her mother's table and laughing as it hit little Jerry in the face, then a little fashionista, later clothing designer, and now a woman on the brink of a new horizon.

Where was she headed? Was there going to be a wonderful, prosperous, loving future ahead for her? Would she say yes? Or would she change her mind and row away in her shattered canoe?


The sun was setting on our childhood days. We held hands and walked side by side. I felt a silent cry, building up inside. It was warm and wet and needed to be released.

As I walked, I wondered what Henry was thinking. Was he wishing that we could stay young forever? Chew bubble Yum, pixie sticks, fun dip, gummy red fishies and sit on a rock and bask in the sun. What I would give to have it all back.

I waited for him to say, "Stay. Don't move. I love you."

But he did nothing and as we walked along on a day that was going to end, I saw the moving van in my parents driveway. I was dying inside. I didn't want to move to Alaska, but my parents did. Life wasn't fair.


Simply a house bathed in sunlight. But it had a history to it. Something beckoned me to find out what happened there. It was so long ago.

Who had occupied it? It was a beautiful house, but things were not as they seemed. Something violent had happened and it started with the yellow curtains and some splattered india ink.

And the ink displayed a story of menace. Something so unbearable, that I just had to put my reporter's nose into the middle of a sinking past.

Note: This picture is really the house that my Dad grew up in. And there is another story where he once spilled India ink on my Grammy's yellow curtains. She got so upset, that she and my dad didn't speak to each other for two whole weeks.

But I guess the story line could go anywhere.


Suzanne was so hungry. She really wanted macaroni and cheese. Craved it. So, she started to cook it. And finally when it was done, she fixed herself a bowl and started eating.

A little while later, her sister, Lissa came out and said, "Did you cook and eat that macaroni?"
"Yes, why?"
"You're going to get sick. It wasn't gluten free and you know you can't have things that aren't gluten free."
"Oh, cry me a river." Suddenly, she felt something terrible and knew she was feeling sick. And she couldn't breathe.

What was in the pasta?

Suzanne keeled over and was unconscious. All Lissa could do was wonder what had suddenly killed her sister.

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