Friday, May 11, 2012

Is it the End of the World? Six Months left?

We've been told the world will end this year.  But do any of us really believe it?  We know it's coming at some point.  Just hopefully it doesn't happen in our lifetime.

And if it is the end of the world, we really only have about six months left to live.  That is super scary.  I'm not ready for that.

How have we lived and enjoyed our days in the first half of this year?  Have we fulfilled our dreams?  Did we live up to our own expectations?  Did your dreams come true?

Or have we been just riding along, not always getting to the things we wanted to do?  We all know that we have full plates all the time and only a small portion of that actually gets tended to.  And the other half gets spread out to that infamous ring around my plate.

And growing up I was queen of the ring around my plate.  And forced to stay at the table until it disappeared.  And I was the Macaroni Queen and the Pickle Queen.  Just a few of the famous family names that stick.  The other big one was Bun-Bun.  I got called Bun-Bun all the way through Junior High.  And Skinny Bones in the grammar school days.  And an well loved uncle called me Jennifer Bones.  And a missed aunt called me MacGruder Kadiddle Hopper.  A famous camp nickname growing up.

So, about this ring around my plate.  It contains three of my unfinished novels, unfinished knitting and sewing projects, blogs that need tending to, paper dolls that haven't been created yet, photos yet to be taken (including one of my youngest, Julia in her new pretty blue glasses), poems to write, craft shows to do,  bracelets to finish,  knitting markers to make, finishing one of my luggage displays, selling more stuff on ebay, some drawings to do, and many other things I have thought of making that are on that agenda.

And of course enjoying many more days with my children, boyfriend and family.  That is the most priceless.  And hopefully in six months, my oldest, Sean won't be sitting on top of the roof with his friends blowing the aliens and zombies away with their guns they say they're going to get.

And we all are wondering how we will enjoy the rest of our days.  Wondering if we will be able to cross of that 100 things to do before we die.  Can the feat be done?  The all telling question.  I've still never been horseback riding, but it really isn't at the top of my list.

And on this list of things to be done, you can safely bet drinking coffee will be at the top of our list.  Mine is resting right next to me, so right after this post, I am going to go heat it up.  Then, I will be mailing some packages and seeing if there are any yard sales around today.

And I've got some sewing to tackle later this morning.  I started working more on a pretty headband for me. A few days ago, I had taken two strips of fabric from a little girl's Old Navy dress (lilac with a pattern) and I sewed them together.  The  bottoms of the dress.  Then this morning I picked another pretty pink and blue floral calico patterned fabric and sewed it on each side of the other fabric.  That will be the front.  Next I've got to pick an alternate fabric for the back and it will be reversible.  And once that is done, I will need to attach some elastic for the end of it.  And then it's going into my hair!

And I've got to knit a little more on my skirt to get it done.  And I've got about ten bracelets sewn up that need the elastic to go through it and finished up.  And perhaps if I can fit it in, another chapter to The Glorious Money Tree and another post here.

Well, I had best be going, if I want to get all this done.

And I was hearing on the local news this morning that The Balsams in New Hampshire is getting sold.  That was a surprise.  My ex and I would drive through there sometimes on the way to our family camp in Rumford, Maine.  The camp we had to sadly get rid of about three to four years ago.

But hopefully in six months the world isn't getting rid of us.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 11, 2012

The beauty of us alive and fresh in a world full of turmoil.  This is what we live for.

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