Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What are the benefits of creating a face book page?

I wonder what the benefits of creating a face book page would be?  How effective is it to create one?  Who sees it really?  My first thought is that it is just your family and friends that see it.  I mean, you can only send an invite to your family and friends.

So who else sees it?  Don't we want other people to see our page?  People that aren't family and friends.  Usually when we invite our family and friends, some of them read, but more than half of them really don't have the time and are busy with their own lives.  

And if you are selling a product, usually your family and friends won't buy it.  They would rather have you just give it to them for Christmas or a birthday.  

But if it is a blog, your family and friends will read it if they have the time.  They are your family and friends and want to support what you do.  Reading it doesn't cost them any money.  Only time away from something they are doing.

And you do want them to read it.  You basically want anyone to read your stuff.  That's why we as writers social bookmark our stuff.  We want to gain an audience.  

And what would we give for our blog to just take off and become the hottest commodity?  A blog that gets notable mention.  And we would probably give our left foot for someone famous to come across our blog and make a comment.  

I know another blogger that I am friends with who probably would give her left lung to have Johnny Depp to show up at her doorstep, have a bottle of wine with her and shoot the crap (you know what).

And it would make my day if someone famous made a comment on mine.  My favorite modern actresses are Kristen Stewart, Julia Roberts and Ellen is funny.  But, as long as I get readers, it really wouldn't matter if someone famous read it.  But it's a cool thought.  And yes, I am a Twilight Series fan.

So, my thoughts are how do you get your face book page out there to other people?  Do you have to maintain it all the time and people will naturally discover it?  

Someone on the Triond site today said it takes really hard work to maintain your page.

I did have a few other pages, but I deleted one yesterday.  It was called Hub pages and seeing as I am banned from that site, there is no need to keep it.  I do still have my paper dolls page, but it links to an old website that I don't have anymore.  I suppose I could just update that one with my etsy shop instead.

And I have one for Zazzle.  But I've been skeptical of the Zazzle site, so I don't know if I want to keep that page.  I won't delete that one just in case I want to promote that site in a future date.

The one I really want to maintain is Authentic Life Blog page on Face book.  I just started it on Sunday.  I invited all my face book friends and I clicked like on it.  I've got two friends who clicked like.  This is the blog that people seem to read the most.  And it is my favorite.  I have thought of moving some of my stuff from other blogs over to this one.  I haven't decided that yet.

But my main question is wondering if you maintain your face book page with updates regularly, will people that don't know you find your page?  Who can actually see it?  And then, you know that once they go there and click like, they have shared it with all their friends and slowly you spread like wild fire hopefully.

I welcome any comments and love having people come to read my blog posts.  I love writing and sharing with people.  

I would love to see my blog someday become really popular.  I think this is a shared goal among bloggers.  We just want to be heard.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 15, 2012

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