Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinterest and Kindle Publishing for Blogs

Here are some of the things that kept me busy this morning.  Did these fun pincushions this morning.  My ex had said hot chocolate fabric would be neat.  I couldn't find that, but instead bought the coffee cup fabric.  I'm going to keep one of the hearts ones for me.  

The bracelets I have been making for the last few weeks.  And the little baggie in the picture with the bracelets I made quite a few years ago.  The special thing about that bag is that the crocheted edging was done by my Great Grandmother on my Nana's side of the family.  I had cut up her edging and had enough to sew onto three or four of these bags.  Each of my girls has one too.

And last night I started sewing this cool jean container for my knitting needles.  It's hand sewn and you can see my tiny pink stitches along the edges where I sewed it.  Meticulously done.  This was an old pair of jeans that didn't fit my daughter's anymore.  A size 6.  Which if Mollyanne had discovered me sewing this last night, she would have wanted it.

This one she isn't getting.  I had an old floral one that I made.  It was cute, but lately the needles have been poking holes through the material.  So I am thinking that this jean fabric will be very sturdy.  I want to make more of these for my craft shows in the fall.

Will have lots of products for knitters and women and girls.  I've got BRACELETS on the brain.

Yesterday, I was visiting one of my favorite sites, Pinterest.  You know that addicting visual site.  I love it!!!

I just discovered the site back in December and requested my invite.  I did wait a little bit before I got my invite, but it was well worth the wait.  So at first, I just started re pinning things just a little bit at a time.  I didn't really know a lot about the site at the time.  Then in February, I really started to get the idea.

So I started going there almost every day and started pinning things I liked.  Then, I started seeing people following me.  And over this last month, I realized that by clicking on the picture of the thing I liked, it would bring me right to the site where the tutorial or recipe was.

That is great.  Then you can copy, paste and save the things you want.  I started saving a few of the recipes I would like to try.  Saved some of the knitting patterns or other tutorials.

I have learned how to do a lot of things because of the cool tutorials on Pinterest.  I figured out how to knit i-cord on just two double pointed needles, and am learning how to do those fabric roses.

Some things are trial and error.  You learn that some of the ideas that come from Pinterest, you might not end up liking the results.  Or some of the recipes didn't taste as good as they looked.

I'm still thinking of doing some of those mason jar ideas.  I saw one that I want to try with gluing red heart doilies to a mason jar.  I've got to clean the jar first.  Procrastinating.  You know how that is when you do that, and you're just having your cork in your brain.  Things get in the way.

And then, yesterday, on Pinterest, I started to catagorize my pins.  Hadn't been doing that and everything was just going into my Books Worth Reading.  From now on, I am going to have my pins be more organized.

I realized that I could at any time go back to all my pins.  Pinterest is basically a big reference for anything we like.  Treat it like a creative dictionary.  A resource for the authentic self.

And finally I repinned one on Kindle Publishing for Blogs.  That one really peeked my interest.  Set my mind in motion.

Wow, a way to sell my blog on Kindle.  Too cool for words.  So kind of looked around last night, and then just a short while ago, I went to Amazon and set up my account for Kindle Publishing for Blogs, and published this blog into my account.  Right now it's waiting their approval.

I'm not too familiar with how it all works, but I am going to give it a good try.  It's free to get your blog on there.  I'm sure they would get a cut, but regardless, I'm sure it would help in gaining readers and followers.

When signing up my blog, one of the questions was how often do you post.  I put 2-5 times a week.  And then if I write daily, that will be a bonus.

I'm really ready to come back and blog more often.  I've been on a roll this week and met the 2-5 frequency.

I'm glad I have moved my novel, The Glorious Money Tree over to here.  Maybe later on, I will move over The Thief Who Wouldn't Learn.  It might be nice to have things all in one place instead of all over the map at different sites.  These two novels were at Wordpress.  Actually, they are still there.  I will probably decide to keep them there too.  More opportunity for more people to read them.

It felt great to get back into writing the next chapter of the Glorious Money Tree.  I published it on Triond too, and already people have commented that it is a very interesting story.

I had to refresh my memory of the story a little bit, and then jumped right back into writing.  As if I never left.

So for anyone who writes blogs and are passionate about what they are writing, give Kindle Publishing for Blogs a try.  I'm sure it can possibly help you for when you might be ready to publish a book.  Or nowadays it would be the e-book that is taking over.

I published my first mystery novel, Black Roses with Authorhouse.  I know I don't want to go with them the next time around.  I will be publishing on a budget next time and won't be paying extra for an advertising package that is going to do nothing for me.

And I will probably do a little more research before I attempt to do so.  My thoughts have been to do it through Createspace, but it could also be possible that I might want to publish an e-book and might decide to look at Amazon to publish.

I do want to publish again, even if it is just to get my finished books in print and get copies for my four kids.  I would want to do this with a goal in mind, that I am leaving a legacy for my children.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 10, 2012

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