Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's in Your Secret Sauce? How to Create an Effective Blog.

Everyone has that secret recipe that they don't want to share with anyone?  So, tell us, what is in your secret sauce?  What is that specific spice that makes it what it is?  How can you tell when it tastes just right?

What is the creative sauce that makes your blog tick?  Is it merely that you just so happen to have a way with words?  You wake up in the morning and you seem to always know exactly what you want to say?  Your words are effective no matter what?

Pray tell, what determines a quality blog?  We all want to know.  We're constantly reading other blogs and wanting to know how they can create an effective blog that gets tons of readers every day and how come you are only getting a small handful?

What are they doing that you haven't done?  What on earth do they put in their secret sauce?  They must be doing something right to get an audience to flock their way.

I guess it would definitely be their choice of words and how it is reaching out and touching their readers.  Do they leave their readers spellbound?  Moved?  Left with emotions, whether good or bad?  If the post has left them with emotions, the reader has set out to do what he or she has wanted to.

How would you choose to create your blog?  I prefer to be honest and truthful and I want my posts to be of great quality.  Sometimes less is more.  Yet, also when we are first starting out and don't have lots of followers, sometimes we need to write more posts to get readers to our blogs and our stories.

We all know that if we want Google to place us in high ranks on the Google search engines, we need to have quality stuff all the time.  And it does take time.  Over that period of playing the waiting game, we finally reach the sweet moment when Google has recognized that we are good writers and we get into the high ranks.  Which usually means more readers and a good following.

Patience is a virtue.  If you don't possess that, then you might as well call it a night.  Patience is what you need to hold onto while being that quiet wallflower that you are right now.  Yet, you also need to have that voice that is going to speak out and say what you want it to say.

If you don't have your voice, your drive, your passion, then I am afraid that you will not have that secret sauce.  It's all the values that you possess that will drive your authentic self to make your blog what it is going to be in this world.

And if you want readers to flock to you, you will need your own secret sauce to spice up your blog.

I have mine.  I share it from time to time, but I will let you know a little secret about my sauce.  It's in my head and I won't tell you  it until I decide to put it into words to share with you.

And I have all the patience in the world that good things can come to me if I dream it, have faith and hope and have the drive to put my thoughts into words.

I'm not one of those humorous blogs.  I read some and think they are really funny.  Some blogs are just simply filled with humor and the blogger knows how to tickle your funny bone.  I just don't seem to have the knack for that.

But, I'm not a person that is going to have all kinds of swear words in my blog.  That's just not my style.  There could be some swear words in my novels sometimes, but not on my blog.

I like to tell funny stories about my kids, but my blog doesn't really poke fun of life and is funny in every sentence.

I would rather have a blog that really makes people think.  I'm more of a prolific writer.  I'm serious and thought provoking.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 15, 2012

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