Monday, May 21, 2012

Authentic Life Blog page on Facebook

Authentic Life Blog page on Facebook just got created last Sunday.  On Thursday and Friday I started writing little STORY LINE STARTERS on the blog page.

Below on this post is a teaser of one of them.  Anyone who likes to write could go to my blog page and read my little Story line Starters and go off on their own wild excursion and write their own story.

I am just going to supply an image and then a little start of a possible story line.  Then at a later date, I might choose to write a larger piece from  it.  

And a simple fact is that we all will come up with something completely different.  We all write in our own voice.

I plan on going to the page daily to post new updates on the new blog posts.  And then I plan on creating STORY LINE STARTERS each day.

I'm going to post lots of different kinds of images to share.  Sometimes they might just be pictures that I am inspired by.

I've heard that maintaining a page takes a lot of hard work.  I am willing to put in the time.  

Although, sometimes on the weekend we get in a lazy slump on writing.  The sun gets to us, we get tired going yardsaling, and just want to sometimes chill out.  Eat popcorn with butter and parmesean cheese, watch a movie, eat good food and just kick back and relax.

And part of yesterday, I spent the day sewing up headbands and bracelets.  And then today i worked on finishing a bag for my knitting projects.  It's a quilted one that I started about four years ago.  It was practically finished.  And I finally added a liner that matches and turned it into a bag.  Now I just have to finish up the handles and it's done.  I want to use it this weekend.

I'm waiting to finish it and then I will take pictures and write a post on how to make some of the stuff I am making.  That will probably come tomorrow.

Jennifer Jo Fay

May 20, 2012

Check out Authentic Life Blog page on Facebook.  It's new and in need of viewers.  Thank-you very much.


Simply a house bathed in sunlight. But it had a history to it. Something beckoned me to find out what happened there. It was so long ago.

Who had occupied it? It was a beautiful house, but things were not as they seemed. Something violent had happened and it started with the yellow curtains and some splattered india ink.

And the ink displayed a story of menace. Something so unbearable, that I just had to put my reporter's nose into the middle of a sinking past.

Note: This picture is really the house that my Dad grew up in. And there is another story where he once spilled India ink on my Grammy's yellow curtains. She got so upset, that she and my dad didn't speak to each other for two whole weeks.

But I guess the story line could go anywhere.

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