Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reinventing Yard sale Finds

Yard sale season is here and what do you plan to do with the things that you pick up at the sales?  We know that most of you will be hoping for a new wardrobe on a budget.

I love that and have already found a bunch of new things to wear at 50 cents each.  Good buys.  And many of us look for items for decorating our houses.  It's fun to find that certain object that is going to look great on our coffee table or couch or bed.

But then it is twice as fun to find something to reinvent.  How can we take an item from a yardsale and reinvent it?

We can buy outfits at yard sales and then cut them up and use the fabric for other projects.  Looking at some of the glassware, that can be reinvented too.  Many people are taking a plain glass vase or jar and are painting it to add a splash of color.  Or look at your teacups and saucers.

Ever thought of gluing the cups and saucers together to get a tiered display?  It would be great for little confections.  Jewelry glue works well at gluing them together.  

And those pretty frames with old outdated pictures in them.  Rip up the pictures and put in a new picture.  Replace it with corkboard or foam board and fabric and ribbon and you have a new frame for tacking your pictures and other stuff to it.
Old shutters can be good repainted and then hung on  wall to store your mail to go out.

Old luggage, baskets, sewing containers and any other container can always be redone to create a new container for something.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 8, 2012

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  1. Ah, creative recycling...I like it! Happy Wednesday to you:)