Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Be Careful Posting your links on Facebook!

I've gotten myself back into blogging here.  And I have in the past two to three months off and on posting my stuff onto facebook to gain readers or people to my Zazzle store or Etsy shop.

When I was posting for the Zazzle products or Etsy, I was doing it once in a while.  I didn't do it every day.  And I was presently surprised at how it did effectively attract visitors.  It didn't create sales, but it did gain people looking at my stuff.

And then, after being skeptical about Zazzle and Etsy, I just decided that I would rather tend to this blog of mine.  I like writing  here and it seems to be my more popular blog.

Well, when I was doing searches on facebook in a day's time, I noticed after a few hours, Facebook would tell me I had done enough searches for that time.  So I stopped.

Even though I am promoting something that isn't spammy, I am suddenly noticing that I have to watch it.

For the past few weeks, I have been posting my posts to facebook pages.  They won't let me do anymore for 15 days and then if I do it again, my account could get disabled.  Which I don't want that.

Now, I am suddenly wondering, what good is Facebook if you can't advertise yourself a little bit.  I know it is good for friends and family and letting them knowing what you are up to.  Sharing your links with them.  But we should be able to reach out to other people too to gain readers to our blogs and other stuff.

I feel as if it isn't spamming.  It's just letting people know about one post you have written each day.  It has helped me increase my readers, and now I'm upset that I won't continue to gain readers to my blog.  It isn't really fair.

Facebook seems like they are really strict.  I'm hoping that Pinterest will really become the new facebook and be better than that.

But, I don't want to jeopardize my facebook account as I like being able to connect with family and friends.  I might try to advertise a tiny bit, but I might just limit myself to four or five places to advertise once in a while and see what happens.

I'm on a budget and can't fork over money for advertising.  How can you advertise and spread the word quick without using facebook?  There is Twitter, but how valid is that really?  Do you really see lots of twitter followers flocking to your blog?

What do you do then?

What are your options?  Facebook will call you spam.  Even though you are not spam, that is what you will be seen as.

I also have noticed that my little notices on the side has gone away.  You know when you are on face book and on the right side of the page, it lets you know when someone has just posted something.  There's usually five or six notices on the side of all your friends and likes who have just posted something.

Note on this:  I discovered that you can choose to hide that or keep it on the side.  Relief.

Anyway, that has been missing on my face book page since last week.  It will be interesting to see if that reappears when I can post on walls again.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 15, 2012

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  1. I am really surprised at FB. This is good to know.Thanks for sharing the info.