Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My new Authentic Life Blog page on Facebook!

I started this page on Sunday.  I kind of thought about doing it as I was trying to delete my Hubpages page on Facebook.  There's no need to keep that one as I've been banned from writing on that site.  I thought I had deleted it, but I am still seeing it there for some reason.

And I looked at my few other pages.  I have a paper doll one for my art paper dolls.  It links to the old Vistaprint website that I was paying for.  I suppose I could always make use of that one at a later date and change it to link to my new etsy shop.  But for right now, I probably don't need to do it as I don't have a lot of products there yet.

I didn't want to load up with lots of products and owe etsy fees and get no sales in return.  But may-be in a little while I can add some more products and then start advertising that facebook page too.

And then there is the Zazzle one for my photography store.  I suppose at some point I could push that one.

But right now, I really want to work at maintaining my new Authentic Life Blog page.

On Sunday, and Monday I posted at it a few times with new posts to my blog.  Then yesterday and today, I decided to really try to maintain the page and see if I gain lots of readers and likes from keeping up with it.

I really started this yesterday, when I got banned from posting on people's walls for fifteen days on Facebook.  It made me upset that I couldn't do that.  So then I started posting on my facebook page I had created.  But still in the same time frame, I was thinking nothing will become of that.

Then, I started getting helpful hints from fellow writers at Triond.  One of them said it is very hard work to maintain a page.

And then I was seeing other bloggers that I had already clicked like on who had quite a lot of likes.  Then I thought, well maybe I can too.  It's possible.  Can't rule it out.

People can also now buy my blog on Kindle through Amazon.  You can read it for free here, but I suppose it would primarily be for people who want to read everything on their Kindle.  So that option is out there for people who want to read it that way.

So that's an idea for anyone else who wants to sell their blog on Kindle.  They give us 30% of each sale.  Which, my blog is going for .99 cents.  I'm going to guess that is for a month.  I'm not quite sure how that works.  But anyway, I'm going to say it is another way to get the word out there about your blog.  And it's free, so you aren't out anything.

I had to laugh to myself.  I went in this evening and gave myself a little review about it.  I put a note that she posts daily sometimes more than once, as I had put 2-5 times a week.  I didn't want to put more in case I didn't.  But that would let them know that I do sometimes post more often.

While I was at Facebook last night, I started watching their little videos about face book pages.  last night before leaving my page, I decided to share an old picture of Audrey Hepburn on the page.

Which kind of got me thinking of posting other pictures, and having the page to also be a page for notes, thoughts and other things.  And then, I wanted to share some images on the page tonight that I saw on Pinterest.  Another Pinterest member had been posting all kinds of pictures of celebrities before they were famous.

Which might lead me to my next post tomorrow.  So I will leave you tonight with thoughts of who or what inspires you.  I'll be thinking too.

Authentic Life Blog page on Facebook.  New and in need of likes!  Thank-you very much!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 16, 2012


  1. All the best for the new venture. But I don't think 'lying about age helps'. We are in an age bracket where a feeling of seniority pays..

  2. Thank-you. I never would lie about my age. Seniority definitely does pay. I I guess the only thing I'm guilty of is going in and giving myself a review. Which is the truth as I do sometimes write in my blog daily. But when I signed up for the Kindle publishing, I didn't want to put that I write daily, just in case I didn't sometimes. That way when they buy my blog through Amazon, they are getting what they pay for and a bonus that I sometimes write more. And lying about your age isn't good, as it can come back to bite you.