Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Women who want to be Heavy. Why?

Why is it that there are women out there that want to be heavy?  Heaviness usually isn't a good thing.  We most often get more health problems the heavier we get.  There are so many reasons why we don't want to be heavy.

I'm finding myself watching Dr. Phil.  I'm usually one to switch the channel fast.  I really don't care for Dr. Phil.  And you can bet I would have switched the channel quicker than lightning the day he had that adult man who was taking on the role of a baby in diapers.  I'm glad I was getting my hair done that day.  But I was unfortunate to catch a glimpse of the preview before I left.

Today, there is a woman on that is about 700 lbs and wants to be even larger.  How can a person want to get to that obesity is beyond me.  I will admit her face is kind of pretty on the show today.  But even so, she is so huge.  She wobbles when she walks, her legs look terrible and it's just yucky looking.  And then I discovered she actually has a website and models and men get attracted to the larger weight.

Most of us want to lose the weight.  The bigger we get, the more chance we have of getting breast cancer, heart attacks, high blood pressure and on and on.  It's just not good.

I got grossed out when they showed pictures of her belly.  It's just not something that women want.

This makes me feel super skinny after viewing her.

And I also have a belly after having four kids and my weight could stand to be a good amount less.  But now I feel skinny compared to her.

Fat and obesity is why the majority of us exercise and eat in moderation.  We don't want to see the bulges or cellulite on us.  We don't want to get fat so we look unattractive in our outfits.

It's the reason that that rehearsal dinner dress or our favorite high school outfits might remain in our wardrobes.  We are often hoping that one day we could fit in it again.  Or that little black dress we are dying to fit into.

We don't want to have to throw all our pretty outfits away because we suddenly can't fit into them anymore.

And for a woman so obese, where on earth can you buy an outfit for them?  Are there places that cater to that?

Why do men want to gawk at a woman that weighs 700 to 1000 lbs?  That thought is beyond me.

Wake up and smell the coffee.  Get your weight down.  I think when someone weighs that much, it has got to shave off years of their life.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 21, 2012


  1. Boy you ain't kidding... I cant believe how any man would be attracted to a body like that! Not to mention that getting that big is very selfish. You will be a burden to society and possibly your loved ones when you cant walk or wipe your own backside.

    Its gross!

  2. there's the guy next to her feeding her, like she can't do it herself. Not right. How can someone support someone who actually thinks she feels happier the bigger she gets. I switched the channel after a little bit, as I had had enough. So, so glad I missed it the day they had that grown man acting like a little baby. Who wants to wipe a grown man's butt. Dr. Phil knows how to find the nut jobs.

  3. Anyone would be a burden to society to get that big and not be able to maintain oneself. You are right, it's gross.