Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Devils a poem

The following poems are some more of my old poems I found and wanted to get typed up.


Sean, Jake, Mollyanne an Julia,
all wonderful. cute, funny and sweet children
blessed on the day they came into this world.

My children each in their own ways,
has filled my waking an sleeping moments
with joy and laughter.

And with four young children, not a day goes by
without some surprises an happenings.

Watercolors trickling across the table,
drops of water seeping through the cracks
an onto the floor.

Also, a dish of oatmeal, empty, but not really.
As oatmeal has been stuffed into the old Tweety mug
and there are green food coloring chunks.
Someone has been playing scientist.

Markers turn into a homemade nail polish for
little fingers and toes.

And crayons written on the canvas of the
living room wall.

Jennifer Jo Fay


Loaded Object

The melancholy,
haunting beautiful
fashionable doll
or porcelain goddess.
Bisque beauty,
modest queen,
exposes her images
to the blank page.
Porcelain damse,
fashion actress,
sometimes she is the
bisque harlot
with red satin choker
at her neckline.
Still doll.

Jennifer Jo Fay

April 4, 2004

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