Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Links to Some of My Favorite Blogs

http://2smart4.blogspot.com/  This is a nice well written blog.

http://whatinsidevoice.blogspot.com/  What Inside Voice is a really witty blog.  She also writes at You Know It Happens at Your house too.  I discovered her blog from searching for blogs on Facebook.  If you go and like, you might want to like her pages on FB too.  She shares lots of witty old fashioned pictures with modern sayings.  And she's a Johnny Depp fan.

Here's her cool picture she uses on her FB page.  What Inside Voice


http://modpodgerocksblog.com/   Who doesn't love Modge Podge?  I grew up with it in my house and a few months ago, I discovered this little website.  I found them on Pinterest first.  Cool.

http://www.frugalistablog.com  Another cool blog.  Like her on FB too.  Cool stuff.

Here's her cool FB picture that she shares on her profile.  Neat.  I like old pictures like that.

www.therealhousewifeofsantee.com     Another cool and well written blog.  Her newest post was about the Octomom and was a great read!

 www.SweetlyScrappedArt.blogspot.com       This one is a neat one.  This link is to their website.  She has an etsy shop where she has lots of really pretty handmade gift tags.  I might buy some of her stuff when I'm feeling some extra $$$$ in my pockets again.

http://thebloggess.com/ http://twitter.com/thebloggess http://blogs.chron.com/goodmombadmom/http://thestir.cafemom.com/column/ill_advised   Here are the links to a bunch of her stuff.  Neat blog.

Websitehttp://www.sarahbrydenbrown.com    Blogstar on FB.  Interesting blog.  Like it.

http://deliciouslyorganized.blogspot.com/   Here's a blog where I discovered a recipe for a great looking smoothie.  We all need to be able to go to these food blogs too.  Hey, we get hungry!!!

http://lotsofcrochetstitches.blogspot.com/  This one has lots of lovely crocheted stuff, patterns, tutorials,
etc....    I wish I could crochet.  Saving this in case I someday learn, I will try some of her patterns.

http://mydailyjenn-ism.blogspot.com/  Another fun blog to go visit.

http://photographybypixie.blogspot.com/  Her's is a lovely visual blog.  She has several stores on Zazzle.  I would love to know her secret of how to be successful on Zazzle.  I've sold two things but I am nowhere near doing really well with it.   And another thing she loves is her electronic pen that let's her write stuff and then she just plugs it into her computer later.  I might try getting one for christmas this year.

Well, this is a good list of some really cool blogs that I follow.  I went and checked some of my other blogs that I follow, but some of them haven't posted for nine months or more.  Good to have them for a reference to the things I liked about their blog, but I wouldn't mention them here if they don't keep up with their blogs.

We all want to read a blog that writes at either a daily pace or a weekly pace.  We always want to read new and updated stuff.

And with reading any blog, we want to read quality stuff.  Things that are going to amuse us.  Witty blogs are great.  I wish I could write like that, but then again, maybe I'm just a different kind of writer.  I'm more of a prolific writer.  One that makes you think deeply about yourself.

Or let me rephrase myself.  Quality writings and well written articles.  Sometimes I say "stuff" out of habit.  But even when we may say that, we really think of our work more highly than how we ended up saying.  Our writings, poetry, fiction, articles and photographic images are truly quality and we value it highly.

But, I do enjoy reading these blogs that amuse, are right to the point, witty, blunt, and quite humorous.  We can also relate to their posts.  We have the same daily chaotic life styles.  Children to make our life a crazy downhill spiral.  The laughter to our days, and with an element of surprise.

Jennifer Jo Fay

June 5, 2012

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                                                         Photography by Jennifer Jo Fay

I photographed this and many other flower photos yesterday at a Senior housing garden.  Right now they have lots of irises and some other pretty flowers.  Just love it after the rainfall and all the dew drops on the petals.

                                                              I love my macro lens!!!


  1. You have a good list of interesting blogs here. Those photos are really good as well. Perhaps you should take some more and put them on istock.

  2. Thanks. They were really fun blogs to read. Thank-you for the info about istock. I should go check that out. It's good to have all kinds of options and not to have all our eggs in one basket.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Strange that the post was removed...was merely pointing out that if she valued her work more highly than calling it "stuff" would imply, others might be more likely to value it more as well...

  5. I removed your other post as you put it as "off putting" which seemed like you were annoyed by the whole post and I felt as if your comment wasn't needed. I was simply creating this post for some cool sites and yes "cool stuff." Stuff, things, photographs, sites, etccc... it can mean whatever you want it to but it is also still called "cool stuff" too. We can call it cool stuff if we would like to call it that sometimes.

  6. And no, I wouldn't call my photographs or writings stuff. I do value my work. But sometimes we word things differently. We can call it stuff once in a while if we want. And I think I was referring to "stuff" as to all the things we read online. "stuff" is sometimes just a general word and is part of the human language. There's a lot of stuff out there for us to take in.

  7. Truly being constructive here..."my artwork, my writings, my photographs" sounds more as if you believe in & are passionate about your work, rather than using the generic phrase "my stuff"...

  8. I get what you mean. I probably wasn't thinking when I wrote the word stuff. I wasn't really thinking of my things, but was just talking about cool stuff in general, when I probably should have said, "these are just some of the really good writings, articles and images I found on the internet and like them". I wasn't even talking about my two pictures I had added on the bottom of the post.

  9. That sounds much better! ...most likely those whose work you are praising will be happy to have it worded that way as well.
    Keep on writing, Jennifer...we're reading! :-)

  10. Thank-you very much. I really value everyone's comments. I did go into the post and updated it a little bit. I'll keep writing. I've got to make myself write the next chapter of The Glorious Money Tree maybe today. And my other novel has been sitting on the back burner.