Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What is the best thing you did for yourself yesterday?

I think I must have followed this path at one point yesterday, which I guess I would have to say that was one of the best things I did for myself yesterday.  And the day before yesterday, one of the best things was doing a photo session of flowers in the rain.  Luckily it only rained for a minute and it stopped.
And at one point I took some pictures of a path, or more like an old road that leads to somewhere.  I would like to follow it with my camera sometime.  The road is blocked off, so cars can't go in, but I don't see why we can't just walk in to check it out for a minute.  But it's also near the site where the Essex Police were doing the dig for the missing Cormiers.  Now, they have moved it to Coventry, VT for an extensive three week dig.  I imagine they must be close to being done now.  I haven't heard any new news about it.

The path I was on.  Wasn't sure if I dared to go under the blocked off wire but I did.  There's a police officer that lives across the street.  Doesn't this look like it probably went to a house at one point?  I'm sure there's nothing there now, but my curiosity will probably get the best of me.

Some of my Face book friends were sharing these two a few days ago.  Love them both.  And shipping would cost a million dollars.  In other words, PRICELESS.

 Now who wouldn't love a pair of these at Christmas time.  This would be the most excellent gag gift!  Who doesn't want a little toe cheese with their fixings?  Ha ha.  A face book friend had to share this one today!!!

 And the best thing about your day is when you get reminded about your favorite childhood toys.  Had this one and loved it.

 And yet again earlier last week someone on my face book had to share this one and give me the laugh of the day.  This one is great!!!  She makes Dolly Parton like a little sugar snap pea in a pod.

And this one is plain old sweet.  A face book friend shared this one one day too.  Love it.

So, what was the best thing that happened to you yesterday?  Get a new job?  A new girlfriend or boyfriend?  Some one moment that really summed it up for you?

I'm not sure what was the best thing that happened to me yesterday.  Well the one best thing that happens to me every day is getting to see my children.  That's a given.

But I don't know.  I guess just getting another day to write on my blog, hop around on the Internet and check my eBay listings.

And one of the best things yesterday, was also creating a few new STORY LINE STARTERS for my posts.  Those are really fun to do.

Has anyone ever tried that?  It's so much fun.  All you do is pick out the image you want to write a little story line starter to and then jump in and write.  Or you could write a poem about an image.  I've done that before too.

You could try this one if you want.  This picture is one I got from Google images.  Just imagine what she is thinking as she takes that first bite out of her huge bar of chocolate.

Maybe there's children in the background just waiting for a bite and she tells them, "Mommy has to take a bite first and make sure there's no razor blades in it."

 And the children are suddenly waiting to see if mommy's lips are bleeding.  "Mommy, are there any razors in it?"

 "Let me take another bite and see if there are any further in."

 "We're hungry."

"I've got to make sure it's safe."

"There's no razors in it.  You're pulling our leg!  I want some candy!!!!!"

"You can't have any until after you eat your supper."   Bummer.

A kind of neat thing that happened to me yesterday was signing myself up to contribute on Istockphoto.  I
 took the time to take their quiz.  That was a little tricky.  They had some trick questions that I got wrong a few times and I had to repeat the quiz until I passed.  And then I submitted a picture of my licence and three of my flower pictures.  I haven't heard back yet if I can contribute.  I'm hoping I can and maybe earn a little extra money.

And yesterday, I signed up for Infolinks to get a a few of their ads on the blog.  I'm trying out a few things and see how it works.  It might be too soon.  After the fact that I got some ads and products on my blog, I was reading somewhere that some people don't introduce ads until the readership is higher.  Oh well, it's a little too late.  I suppose I could always delete a few at some point.

But anyway, I got approved for Infolinks today and I don't even see their ads on the blog and I copied and pasted the code in right.  As far as I know.  So that one might be a wash, as I'm not going to want to fiddle with it and figure it out.

And signed up for Link share yesterday too.  Looked kind of neat.  There were a lot of advertising sites that I didn't want to have on my blog, but I picked out some to try anyway.  It's all free anyway, so it's worth a try to see how it works.

I mean, how are some of these professional bloggers saying that they make $100 to $1000 a month?  I find that hard to fathom.  But maybe they also have a lot of ads on their page.

So yesterday's best thing would be a toss-up between writing the STORY LINE STARTERS and signing up for Istockphoto.

And earlier this last week, the best thing was finishing binding  off my knitted skirt.  Now I just have to do the touch ups and make the waistband tighter to fit me better.  And tonight when I get home to my place, I'm probably going to just knit up the drawstring for the waist.  And maybe write some more STORY LINE STARTERS.

I don't know what today's best thing is.  I guess accomplishing three posts today would do it.  I think I am just going to post more often a day for a while to get my blog out there.  I know also sometimes it can be annoying to some people .  I've read that before too.  For a while I was reading tips on better blogging.

Actually, I still am.  I always find myself driven to read about people's blogging tips.  And what I got from one of them was this.

Gaining readership takes time and patience towards making a blog successful.   Or something along those lines.   Here's the link to the article about blogging that I was reading.  It had a lot of useful tips in it.  There were a few other affiliate links that I didn't know about, but I think I've got the other's I'm testing out right now.  And even now, I might have a little too much on it.

I kind of liked ClickShare the most out of the ones I was trying today and yesterday.  It just seemed neat.  There was a lot of junk books and other products in there too.  I kind of had to take my time finding products that I wanted to put on my blog.  And I wanted to search for products that I would buy too, if I had the extra money to spend on stuff.  I would probably buy one or two of the books.  I kind of was leaning to some of the ones on writing.

Especially how to write an e-book.  Who knows, maybe The Glorious Money Tree will end up as an e-book.  I really want to publish on a budget this time, instead of forking over thousands of dollars and only getting $30.00 on my royalties.

If I had been smarter, I might have done more research on Authorhouse before I let them take my money.  Live and learn.  But it was worth it to get my first mystery in print anyway.  Black Roses was a learning experience.  And I've got a hard copy under my belt.

If I find out it is very inexpensive to publish with CreateSpace and Kindle Publishing, you can do a sure fire bet, I will be doing a bunch of novels with them.

And writing that novel and getting it published was the best thing that ever happened to me, regardless of stinky royalties.  I got to go to California and pitch it to movie producers.  You can't begin to imagine how exciting it was to be in a hotel filled with 150 authors all there to pitch their books.  Getting to listen to a movie producer tell us his story.  Then having a really yummy lunch and tirimisu dessert.  Desserts every where.

Then in the late morning and afternoon we met with one of the movie producers who was going to help us practice the pitch.  And later we all got to pitch it for real to 7 movie producers.  That was a lot of fun.  One guy was on the verge of laughing as I was talking, so I handed him my scenario copy to my video game that I have set aside for a while.  I figured he would get a hilarious read with that one.

Maybe I could post a snippet of one here sometime.  Although it is for adults, so it could be a little racy.  Fifty Shades of Gray?  You bet.

The video game is called Passions Unleashed and is a murder mystery video game where the character of your choice has to walk around and try to find out which two people are having sex, with what object and in which room.

I got it copyrighted last summer.  That's about the time when I was working on it.  I've written out three murder mystery or sex scenarios so far and have about 40 to go.  I'm also drawing out all the rooms.  130-140 rooms.  This will obviously take a lot of time, which I will muster up at some time in my life to get it finished.  Only thing is, I don't know how to do all the video part.  I was dating a video game maker during the summer, and that's how it came about.  I told him the story about how my ex and I wanted to make that Clue game board bigger with more rooms and he said, "Let's collaborate."  And then he seemed a little fishy, so I broke up with him and met my new boyfriend.

But I have several of the rooms drawn out and colored in colored pencils.  Just imagine pen and ink drawings and that.  Maybe I should dig one of them up and post it to this post.  One of the rooms is called  The Kinky Kitchen.  And I've drawn out the cemetary, the living room, the parlor, and maybe the room under the stairs.  And I can tell you I came up with quite the scenario for the room under the stairs.

One of the characters finds Larry Big Heart sitting underneath the stairs thinking and he's telling the girl that the little green goblins are going to come up from underneath the floorboards and start caressing them.  ha ha.  Of course there's more to that story!!!!!!

And there's Horny Johnson and Lady Magdalana, and Bodacious Betty!!!!

So anyway, out in California another movie producer said my book would make a great independent movie.    But of course it ended up being not at this time.  Which meant no.

And then another producer asked me where I get my ideas.  And I said, "In my head."   ha ha.

So, I guess I should get back to working on that at some point.  I've heard with making a video game it sometimes takes years to do.

The designs for the rooms itself are really funny too.  For instance, in the Kinky Kitchen, there is a cookie jar with a man's dick  as the cover.  If there was a video game maker, they would be the one to make it come off the jar and a character might say something about it.

As you see, it's not going to be a game for kids.  ADULTS.  And I was wanting maybe some type of anime characters for it.

The video game boyfriend last summer was saying he could get his hands on pornography stuff for it.  And I can tell you right now, how bad I cringed at that.  Glad I'm not going to be making it with him.  Even though it is going to be very suggestive and stuff, I want it to be classier so that people would want to play it.

I think a game would turn some women away if it was really racy and disgusting like that.

But the scenarios sure will be humorous.  There may also be werewolves and vampires in it.  Can you imagine a character flying around like a little bat?  Ha . Ha.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted June 5, 2012

I even thought of purchasing some video software and learning how to do it myself.  But that is quite a ways away.  Right now I need to concentrate on blogging and writing my novels.  That stuff comes first.

This is a picture of a used clothing store's mannequin that she puts outside her shop on good days.  I took this earlier this year.  Maybe I will have to go back tomorrow and take some new pictures.  One day I drove by and it looked like she might have a new mannequin.

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