Monday, June 11, 2012

Poems of Love for my Children

Mollyanne as a baby.  I'll show this as she has changed so much and it shouldn't hurt her if I post this one.

Some old poems of mine I found;


My drama queen
his high pitched scream
will soon be a deeper voice
saying, "Hi, Mom."

Yes, his voice has changed.


I am so thankful that he's here.
I love his bright blue eyes
and his precious smile
and the glint in his eye
when he is ready to
get away with something.


Beautiful, curly haired little girl
loves dress-up and putting on a little fashion show.
Loves pretending to be Ariel.
Little dancer kicking her legs everywhere,
to watch her one would think
she was going to fall down on something.


My little lovechild,
the last one
little bird princess
that she pretended to be one day,
the playground was her castle
so the little boys were her prince.
And she was locked in her castle
so that they wouldn't get in.
Then, mommy told her to unlock
the doors
so that they could get in
and steal her heart.

I found these four little poems for each of my kids.  I'm sure they were written a good seven years ago.  I think my youngest was in preschool at the time.

Then below are a few other nice little poems that I found with these ones.

The Sacred Heart

Throbbing heart pulses underneath delicate lace,
and she keeps her heart
on the edge of her dainty lace sleeve,
yet there is a lock
on it,
protecting it from lust,
a beautiful lock that belongs to only one.

Ballet Mom

Ballet girls,
sweet tutus
dancing feet
pretty little dancers
precious singing voices.
Nana never was a dancer,
yet wanted to be one...
mom awaits a wedding
where she can kick up her heels
and let a song in,
yet for ballet days for mom,
it is at home
ballet is practiced while juggling
all her tasks
ballet and grace and not spilling jelly jars.

This was long ago when the kids were younger and we had a needy golden retriever puppy, Sparky.  I would practice ballet moves as I went about my housework.  It was mostly done in the kitchen when no kids were looking.

Swinging upside down,
my chestnut, brown hair
falls to the ground.
The trees and sky
spin back and fourth
like that of a pinwheel
The breeze is
a tug and pull.

Beautiful Bird Princess

Little Julia
feet under the playground,
hands wrapped her little legs.
She sits delicately,
the little bird princess
awaiting her prince.
She later stood
up top of her playground castle.
The two little boys
climbed up to the castle.
And she locked the castle doors
so they couldn't get in.
And the beautiful bird princess
flew away.

To Rock My Beautiful World

Existence is sweet,
glorious is
the sun shining down
upon a glorious day.

My two favorite place in the world
besides my house and my roots
are my children's schools
and the Maple Street Park.
To take part in my children's playtime
is a sweet day
in the essence of their being.
I love my children.

Jennifer Jo Fay

June 11, 2012

These all had to be written about seven years ago or longer.  


  1. Thank-you very much. I found them earlier this week and just couldn't throw them out and decided to get them typed up. It's from a different time in our lives and meant so much to us. I loved their preschool teachers and felt that they were like family almost. And one of them was like a mother figure for me after my mother died of cancer.