Friday, June 22, 2012

Go try out Pixlr a really neat photo editing site

I just discovered earlier this evening.  It is really neat.  I can hardly wait to explore it some more.

I happened to be over at Buzzfeed trying to launch my post to their site and they were having some site bugs, so i couldn't do it.  

While I was there, i scrolled down and discovered a cool picture and a link to the site.

It looks like there is a lot that you can do there.  You can add borders, overlays, effects and different filters.  It looks like there are lots of possibilities.

I uploaded two photos and kind of did some playing around with them to see what effects looked like.

I then helped Mollyanne find the site so she could use it too.  

We were loving Picnik, but they closed down the site early in April.  That one was really neat.  We loved that you could add fangs, blood, and ghost effects there and many other things.  We missed it.

In the meantime, the girls found some other site that I need to find and see if I will like it.  I wrote it down but can't remember that one right now.

I guess Julia has already been to   I will have to check that link.  I only went to and it looks like she was in a section where she could draw and do all kinds of other stuff.  She said lots of people from You Tube go here to do stuff for their videos.

I also am rediscovering Photobucket.  That is neat.  I want to find some other sites too where you can do cool effects to your photos and then save them to your computer.

Really fun.  A little while ago, Mollyanne found some site connected with the Dark Shadows movie and she had uploaded a picture of Julia and made her look like some of the characters from the movie.

These sites are cool for kids too.  There's got to be more sites like this out there.  There was Webface too, but I didn't like how Webface would have their name added to the bottom of our pictures.  But it was neat for kids.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 2012

                                           Jennifer Jo Fay Fancy Photography

                                              I love this one

                                            this one was kryptonite

I can see myself later drawing on some of these.


  1. I love photo editing apps and websites. One of my favorites is "befunky". I'm a new follower of your blog and would love a follow back at

  2. Cool, I will have to check out that one too. I went to your blog and am following too. Very nice.