Tuesday, June 12, 2012




Ella took one good look of those bright yellow tulips. At first she started crying. She had requested roses. Why didn't they send her the roses? She had wanted the beautiful peach ones with a pink swirl to it.

Ella tossed back her head onto the hospital pillow. Her jet black hair fell into a tousled mess. Her blue eyes looked out into the gloomy fog filled light that the present day held for her.

She was in shambles. She didn't want to be here feeling like this. It wasn't supposed to be like this!!! It wasn't supposed to happen to her.

She wished she could change into something great. Like her little black dress that she couldn't fit into right now. Maybe later.

And the food was not to die for. She hated hospital food.

And then the nurse rolled in her new little baby, Samara. She handed the baby girl to Ella and Ella held on tight.

And then the nurse looked at the yellow tulips and said, "Oh what lovely flowers from Holland. You are going to love visiting Holland."

"But I wanted to go to Italy!!!"

"Oh, well, you're going to go to Holland and you're going to meet some wonderful people because of Samara. She will introduce you to the road less traveled. It takes a special parent to raise a child like her."

Ella looked at her little girl and smiled. Maybe she was going to learn to love yellow tulips and things with hidden beauty. And she looked at Samara and knew that they would find a way to take the road to Holland together.

And all Ella knew was that it was going to take all the patience in the world to raise Samara. She was special needs. And she knew from the moment she set eyes on her that Samara was going to fill The world with love.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 12, 2012

Just imagine me and my down syndrome son, Jake instead of Ella and Samara.


She felt like death warmed over. She had been burned too many times. Her eyes were almost hollow and lifeless. She didn't want to be here anymore.

Her worlds oyster had drowned in the surf and there was no turning back. She had left her black heart closed tight inside a clam and skipped out to sea.

And now there was nothing left, so she decided she might as well be a gothic doll. A doll that was destined for hell for all eternity. She was damned.

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