Sunday, June 10, 2012

What do you think about the Miss USA Controversy?

Well, this certainly looks kind of innocent with her clothing on.  What's all the ruckus about?  Really.

Okay, so Rima Fakih won the pole dancing Radio Contest back in 2009.  Whoop de doo.  I don't think there was a crime committed here.

Rima Fakih is the first Muslim to be Miss USA.  The 25 year old pageant queen had some racy photos that got aired to the public and now on June 19th she has to give up her crown.

She hasn't gone quietly.  She also has been rumored to have been out on a late night partying time and then she slept through an interview.  That part I don't quite understand.  How to you sleep through an interview?  I mean most people go to the interview and ask all the questions.  How could she possibly sleep through it?  Wouldn't the interviewer nudge her and tell her to wake up and trudge through it?  Get real.  Or did I get this wrong and she actually slept through the interview and didn't show up?  That would make more sense.

And then she lied about being out late.  She shouldn't have lied.  It's best to tell the truth and you will look better to the public.

My thoughts are, what is wrong with her staying up all night partying?  It sounded like she doesn't do it all the time.  But lots of young girls like to do it.  It's socializing and meeting people.  How are they going to meet Mr. Right if they don't?  You mean to tell me that all Miss USA pageant beauties can't party?  Look at Pippa Middleton.  She parties and she is doing fine.  I think these pageant winners should be okay to have a good time once in a while.  They're human.

As long as they don't begin to look like Lindsay Lohan.  Now, that wouldn't be okay for a Miss USA winner who is ready to take on World Peace.  Lindsay Lohan wouldn't know the first thing to do about that.  She doesn't have any peace inside herself, and wouldn't be able to begin to tell us how she is going to fix the world.

She would probably just say, "Have one of my alcohol laced lollipops and we'll try to save the world together."  Ain't gonna happen.

And why should Rima Fakih have to give up her title because of pole dancing?  It looks to me like they were making a bigger deal over something that seems perfectly innocent.  It was a radio contest and she had her clothing on.

It's not like she was a real stripper taking her clothing off on a regular basis.  It was a one time deal and it looks like she won some money and a strippers pole for the home.  What's wrong with that?

These judges and higher ups who think they have control over these Miss USA pageant winners should perhaps have a new rule made.  No Miss America is a saint unless you were one way back in the day where the woman stayed home, had babies and waited on her hubby hand and foot.  My Mom and one of my aunts waited on theirs hand and foot.  Although, sometimes Mom wouldn't give in and would make him do whatever the task was.

All this controversy isn't a new thing.  Look back to Vanessa Williams who was the first black Miss USA.  I do believe after she took the title, nude photos came up and she had to relinquish her crown.  Good god, it was in the past.

Leave it in the past?  They just don't want to leave it there.  They think it tarnishes Miss USA.  They want her to be the perfect role model for young girls.  She should be what all young girls would want to set out to be.

Well, all the good girls.  They're not talking about the bad girls.  Not the ones that when they were starting out, they posed for nude photo sessions or did some drugs and partied.  Now, she's not a bad girl really.  She was most of the time a young innocent just wanting to break into the field and get a start.  So she posed nude and got some money for it.  It was her start.

And Carrie Prejean did the same thing.  She had some quite provocative photos done of her.  She did it in the past.  Why should these girls have to pay the price and give up their crowns for a past thing that maybe they aren't proud of?  I'm sure once they became Miss USA they were prepared to be a great role model for all of those girls.

But anyway, I am against drugs.  No drug is a good thing, but there are quite a lot of girls and guys that do decide to try it out and Tara Conner was one of them.  So, she did it.  Does that make her not qualify for the crown?

I drank wine coolers back in the day, would I not qualify?  Not that I would want to anyway.  Although I did have this one weekend chance to be in something.  Some hairdressers from California came into the college library where I was working and asked us if we would like to get our hair cut and model for them.  It was to be held in a big hotel near the Maine Mall.  I went and wanted to do it.  So my sister and my two friends chickened out and I was a model for a few days.

I waited for a while with others who were doing it.  We had to get dressed up in these black and white striped outfits and dance to some popular dance song of the time.  The one where in the video there's a bunch of women in black and white outfits dancing around this guy and then they are strutting their stuff.  I forget the guys name or the title.

Then I sat on stage and they dyed my hair black and cut it very short.  I could hear the rip of my hair as they cut.

I liked the new do for a few weeks but then once I went into a store and needed my licence and didn't have it on me, she called me a boy and that was it.  I wanted my old hair back.

And then there was Dominique Ramirez who had to give up her title because they told her she needed to lose some pounds.  But also it sounds like she didn't want to do some of the things they wanted her to do.  So maybe they are right on that one.  If they want her to sign things and do certain things as part of her contract, then she is obligated to do it.
Sounds like she is suing them.  I'm not sure if she will win that one.

But I do believe even Miss USA is allowed to put on a few extra pounds.
We do.  We put one extra pounds, yet we aren't Miss USA and nobody
is stopping us.

I think people have to put up a stand and fight this controversy over who
should have to relinquish their crown and who should stay.  It's not fair
to go digging up the past and make them pay for it.

After all, they won Miss USA fair and square.  It got voted and they
were all the best.

And who hasn't watched all the pageants and voted for who they think
is the best one?  I haven't seen a pageant in years but we used to watch
them faithfully.

We loved to see which one was for our state.  And we would sit and decide which ones were going to be our favorites.  And then we loved seeing the different outfits and sometimes the acts that they had to do.  And we would rate.

And weren't they all for world peace?  Save the world.  That was their

And my sister and I would laugh when the winner got chosen as they always seemed so surprised and emotional.  Sometimes we think that they overdid it on the drama.

Save the drama for your mamma.

But, anyway, let these girls hold onto their crown.  Unless you catch
them posing nude or doing drugs during their reign.  Then maybe
they would have every right to take the crown away.

But when it's in the past, they shouldn't be punished for that.

But it's all over the place this controversy.  Look at the candidates running for presidency.  They're digging up the past on all these bigwigs.  I want to say John Edwards as one of them.  Didn't they dig up stuff on him?

We'd probably have quite a long list of people that they have dug up crap about.

But the one person that remains in our favorite Bad Girl is Lindsay Lohan.  She just can't seem to pull herself up out of the dumpster.

Look at her past of drugs and drinking, boozing, partying with her gay girlfriend, stealing things, going to court, botox and bloated, and now owing $40,000 to some business.  Didn't they make her pay up front?  These places should make them pay up front too.  We do.  We don't get the privilege of getting to pay later.  Come on.

I'd show a picture of the latest one I saw of Lindsay Lohan, but it would
probably break this post.  She looked terrible.

And what actress who wants to reclaim her fame shows up three hours
late for Glee and doesn't want to do her interview on the Today Show?

I mean if you want to better yourself and get your fame back and not
want to stay infamous, you don't show that you're a slacker.

Jennifer Jo Fay

June 9, 2012


  1. Good read. Now, what about the current Miss USA scuttlebutt? With Miss Pennsylvania USA Sheena Monnin resigning...

  2. Just read it and published my The Donald post. She shouldn't have done it. It is defamation of character. But now that it's out there people know.