Wednesday, June 6, 2012



She lingered in the moment of her sullen silence. Was she perpetually unhappy? Sometimes she felt like it. She was definitely the moody type of gal. Always feeling as if she was on a mile long PMS carpet ride.

Oh, BLOODY HELL!!! She was in a foul mood this morning. All because she couldn't get him to turn her.

She wanted to turn, god damn it!!!

She wanted to be a newborn and drink until she couldn't stop anymore.

And there was this big two gallon pitcher in the fridge filled with juicy, frothy blood. Where did it come from? Was it going to be a gift for her on her day of reckoning?

She searched for the perfect glass to pour herself some of the thickness from within.

Then, she realized there was not a clean glass in sight. She then just grabbed the container and started drinking.

And it dripped down the sides of her mouth and onto her neck.

Sweet blood was hers to savor.


I've been waiting here in this nice comfy basket. I'm sensing that my owner is going to open that can of Friskie's soon. 

But what I'm really looking at is her. That girl with the brown hair with that huge black camera staring at me. Here she comes sticking out her finger so I can swipe her with it.

I really don't feel like it today. Or at least right now. Then the thought suddenly dawned on me. I haven't hissed at her yet, today. What's happening to me? I always like to get my nasty going.

But, I just am out of sorts. Don't worry. I'll get back to my old self when I hide underneath the white table and swipe her as she goes by to visit the bathroom. That's my favorite past time!!!


She was a newborn and now she had the delicate taste of blood lingering on her taste buds. She was craving more. More. More.

Crimson blood was now her sweetest obsession. She would want it at all hours. The memory of it beckoned her. Yet, he told her she had to wait.

She couldn't just go and devour all that she could sink her teeth into. Trishold, was telling her to will herself to stop.

Because if she was to let herself loose and devour to her hearts content, Trishold vowed that the dark side would end her.

And shut her down fast. So, she was patiently waiting for her moment in the sun, to savor once more her delectable crimson poison.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 5, 2012
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