Monday, June 18, 2012

My Thoughts on The Zodiac Killer and other last nights movies.

Well, last night I pulled an up all night.  After coming home to my house at night, I decided to pop in an old movie.

I like to relax and unwind with a movie when I come home.  There's nothing like relaxing on the couch with a few blankets and having my two cats relax on me.  Mamma and the girls, Luna and Ella.  Ella is a siamese tortie point and Luna is a gray siamese.  They miss me all day.

Sometimes I like to pop in my newest Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie.  I think I have worn that one out.

I got the biggest kick on this telephone scene where she is trying to get Cary Grant to come to her house and  she pretends to fall and get things crashing around her to make it look like the leopard is trying to hurt her.  So of course he rushes over.

And doesn't this classify all old black and white romance movies.  They all ended this way.  The girl and the guy realize that they need to end up together for the rest of their lives.  And I got the biggest kick that she decided that she was in love with him in the very first hours of meeting him.  And the next day at the end of the movie, they both confess their love.  Ha ha.  Not too many movies in today's world end up like that in a 24 hour time span.  Only in the old world.

But last night, I decided on watching Bringing Up Baby with Katherine Hepburn (my all time favorite) and Cary Grant.  I simply love her movies.  Well, I watched it and I can't remember seeing it all the way through. Or it was years ago and I forgot parts of it.

What a fascinating old movie.  I totally forgot that Katherine Hepburn talked a mile a minute and was just a totally perfectionist of an actress.  She was quite eccentric in lots of her films, but she was always so inventive in her acting.

I think all these older actors and actresses had to be perfection.  They had to really know how to captivate an audience without all this added music and special effects to make movie going fun and appealing.  All they had to rely on were the background sets and the photographers to get the scenes right and their strong acting   was essential.

In those days, it seems that the conversations were completely different to movies today.  It was like another lifetime.

I had to laugh how in the beginning of the movie, Cary Grant is engaged to some really shallow girl that is marrying him only to support his career.  No love shown.  No sex appeal.  And then enter Katherine Hepburn and the chemistry is perfection.

So, I watched that with complete interest.

Then I decided to go to bed.  But after maybe an hour, I just wasn't tired and decided to get up and play another movie.  And find a few more outfits to list on ebay.  I found some skirts that were too tight, so will later try to sell them.

The next movie I popped in was Signs.  That's another good movie.  Don't get me wrong.  All these modern day actors and actresses are really good too, but nowadays, there's so many special effects to enhance things and sometimes their scenes don't always have as many words in them.

Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix?  did a really good job in that movie.  I loved it.  And to really make you think, I love the scene where he and his brother are talking about there being no coincidences in life.

When you think about it, are there?  Do you think people just get lucky?  Or do you believe that everything has a fate?  That everything happens for  reason or has already been set in stone by the higher up.

That feather in Forest Gump just happens to float wherever it's going to go, lands where it wants, stays for a little bit and then goes on to destiny.  People are like that too.  We have our life mapped out for us whether we choose to believe that we can set our course or are we just playing out what was fated to be?

                                         A man obsessed.  I would say so if in real life he ended up writing two books about it.  Maybe he should have also written a book about how it destroyed his marriage.

                                                       So in real life, was Lee a killer?  What do you think?

Which now brings me to Zodiac.  I watched this one last and my movies ended at 5AM.  I've seen this one several times and hadn't seen it in a while.  It is a very interesting movie.  And based on the real life Zodiac murderer in California.  The murders started in the late sixties and seventies.  One of the first murders was done in December 1968.  The year I was born.  I was born in February.  So when my mom and dad were probably hearing about this on the news, I was about ten months old and oblivious to it.

I never knew about it until I watched the movie for the very first time.  It fascinated me, yet chilled me at the same time.

I guess you can say that destiny played a big role in the victims lives.  When you see the first young couple that he kills when they are parked at a lover's lane, you begin to think, yes, they just had to be there that night wanting to maybe neck and kiss or get it on.  At least it looked like she wanted some action, yet the guy was reluctant to give it.

And then the other car with wild teenagers decided to leave, which opened it up for the Zodiac to come in and quietly come in and kill them.  But I'm thinking the guy lived as I think he is the one that they show in the end of the movie, confirming that Arthur Leigh Allen was most likely the killer.  I would have to watch it again to catch everything.

It's one of those movies that really make you think and is a taut thriller.  Like a cat and mouse type of movie.
And don't you hate it that she didn't have the smarts to turn the key in time to just drive away before Zodiac got out of the car?  The guy wanted her to leave.  And she was in a role of adultery, cheating on her husband.  I wonder if that part was true or just an added tidbit to the movie, to make her look like she was sinning.

And then the Zodiac starts sending the cops all those incripted letters for them to decipher.  And he talked about the old movie The Most Dangerous Game which may have inspired him, according to that other suspect that Jake goes to visit towards the end of the movie.  That is the part that makes me torn about the two actors that played the biggest suspects.  On one hand we have Lee as he liked to be called that ended up being Jake's number one suspect.  The one that he had all the circumstantial evidence on, and then the other guy who he pays a visit to.

He walks in and they start discussing the Sign of the Zodiac that was on Lee's watch and in the old movie. And then he takes him down into a dark basement filled with old movie reels.  And as he's there in the dark of his sinister existence, he decides to hide his face and say, "Maybe he was inspired by the movie."  And suddenly Jake feels like he just walked into a trap and this guy is most likely the killer.

And what makes you believe it is the fact the door is locked.  Why?  Why did the guy lock the door so he couldn't get out?  Was he planning on killing him?  He must have known Jake's fear when Jake starts to ask if there is anyone else in the house.  And then, we are paused while we try to figure out if he is going to let Jake out of the house.

And he turns the key and lets him out and laughs as he leaves with his tail in a tightly wound knot.

My thoughts are, maybe he could have been the killer and just decided to let him go.  He decided not to play with his food for one time and let his mouse go free.  The reason we think this is because he locked the door.  If he had been an innocent man, he would have never locked the door on him.

Unless if he just wanted to toy with him and make all his theories go in and out the door.

Yet, my reason that I also thought that it was Lee was the voice.  You hear the killer's voice throughout the movie and they make the voice sound like Lee.  And he just looks like he could be the killer and all the circumstantial evidence leads to him.

But that was all it was.  Not enough to book him and sentence him for the horrendous crimes.  And that poor couple at the lake.  What a wicked fear to be somewhere like that and suddenly helpless, and they suddenly knew that they were going to the place of no more tomorrows.

And the lucky girl who got away and saved her baby.  I'm wondering if that one was an added scene or if it was also based on facts.

And man, those police were obsessed.  Especially Jake, who came so close to ending his Dirty Harry life.  No wonder his wife decided to leave with the kids.  She wanted to get them out of harm's way.

And the Zodiac threatened to kill the little kiddies as they hopped off the bus.  What a nightmare had that ever happened.  Lucky kids.  Fate was on their side.  The angel's feather decided to let them stay in their destiny.

No wonder the woman screamed when she read that letter.

So, earlier this morning, I found myself going to a few sites where I could read up on the real events.  I didn't know this but since 2004 till now, the case has been re opened.

There have also been a number of people that have confessed to their father being the Zodiac killer.  However it is stated that a bunch of these confessions didn't jell.  And one of the girls who confessed, also I think had confessed to being the daughter to John. F. Kennedy.  So of course her story went in and out the door as full of baloney.

But I guess to this day, it is being investigated and is one of the most horrific acts in history.  And it will probably remain a mystery and will die with the true murderer.

Let's see, in 1968 he was probably in his thirties or forties or older.  And if he had seen the 1932 movie that inspired him, he had to be older.  36 years in between the movie and his first killings.  And he was probably a teenager when he saw the movie.  I wouldn't think a young boy would have seen the movie and become inspired to kill at such a young age.  But, you never know.  From 1932 to 2012, that puts him at 80 today.  And if he was a teenager during 1932, if the man is alive, we are most likely looking at a ninety year old or a man on the brink of his 100th anniversary of his cold blooded life.

Do you think he can cleanse himself of his wrong doing and go to heaven?  I would think not.  I can't imagine he will ever dwell in heaven.  There's got to be no angel up there preparing  room for him.

He will most likely go to hell.

But he wanted to stop.  Do you often wonder if he could have been married and maybe the Zodiac did have kids.  And he kept his secret to himself.  Or was he this man that was a loner as he wanted to keep it that way.

I would think that there would be no room for love in that black heart of his.

What if we were able to go into the mind of the killer after he unlocked the door for Jake?  What if afterwards it showed him with his private thoughts, sitting down at his little black writing desk to write down another letter that he decided never to send.  And he ends up throwing out all these dark, dark letters and poems with his deepest black Glad trash bag.

Where does his mind go when he goes to sleep every night?  Does he think of how he felt when he killed that young wife on the lake.  Memories of stabbing her to death and how he felt his power when he held the sinister handle in his filthy strong hand.  The thought of blood seeping into his unkempt mind.

                                                     All his victims were like fragile sea urchins breaking in his presence.

I got this picture from Martha Stewart when she shared it on her site one day.  I want to get my own collection and take my own pictures of these cool things sometime.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 18, 2012


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  2. Thank-you, Julie. I checked out your blog and am following. It looks really nice. I like it.

  3. Hi I like the list of movies you indulged in. If it comes to old movies my old time favorite is Pillow Talk. But my usual suspects are the Twilight series, anything Sandra Bullock and Pride and Prejudice.
    Thanks for the review and the food for thought.

  4. I loved Pride and Preducice. Haven't seen Pillow Talk. I should rent it sometime. Sandra Bullock is good too. I liked her in Premonition and lots of other ones. I should rent her newest one soon. I need to get a new set of the Twilight series maybe at Christmas. Some of mine get stuck and the voice stops for a few minutes.

  5. I believe with all my heart that Dr. George Hill Hodel was the Zodiac Killer and the Black Dahlia killer, and killed many more people. It hurts me to hear any investigator say that some of the information they recieve is ridiculous. My children and I being in danger at Ft.Ord, CA in late April 1989 was not ridiculous. What was ridiculous was the way I was left out in the open at night with a civilian police officer waiting for a sniper to shoot me. I thought "At least if I die maybe they will protect my children." If you are a man and someone threatens your life they might at least bug your phone. They put me in the very place Dr. Hodel could get to me. He was a psychiatrist and if I didn't find him through my "own genious" then my in-laws leased their land to a Japanese company for millions and they had it in for me. One uncle known as a hood traveled to Hong Kong and then Hodel moved to San Francisco the following year, where the family lawyers were. I did write the clues down for 20 years and the powers that be know me. Steve Hodel's book was an answer to my prayers. The Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" has to be about him!

  6. I want to clarify that: The Rolling Stones song was about George and not Steve. God bless Steve for putting other people before himself. It couldn't have been easy to tell the truth about his father. And George said he was untouchable. He was richer, smarter, and more well connected than Albert Einstein. It didn't take an Einstein to figure him out. People who didn't do the right thing should be ashamed. Not only did his murders continue but our culture has been brought to the a depressingly dark side. So many people continue to suffer thinking their fathers did it. And I'm not related to Rick Marshall. I'm Margene Marshall Morrison formerly Margene Camacho. I paid a heavy personal price for doing what I thought was right. I will always ask myself "Is it my fault?" And "How did he find me? Did I find him?"

  7. I know sometimes Steve Hodel must ask himself if this is really the truth? Could this really be possible. I made a friend when writing all those letters for 20 years with the clues I had been taunted with: His name was Professor Robert Cutler. He told me that truth was stranger than fiction. Minus the killing, would you believe Dr. Hodel's life story and how well he lived until age 91? That sounds in itself like fiction. Professor Cutler told me there is no such thing as mental illness, especially in my case. My mind he said, was functioning in a way to help me survive whatever I had been through. For that I am thankful to God.