Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lemons and honey for sweet tea

here's one of her pictures of the sweet treat.  Looks yummy!

Here is a link to a cool blog or website.  I went to it to check out her recipe for lemons sweetened in honey for your tea.  I'm going to try it soon.

She's got some cool pictures for it.  Looks awesome!!!!  I guess that means I need to get my shoes on and go out to retrieve one of my canning jars from the car.  I've been keeping them in the back seat since last year.  I love canning stuff.

Makes me think of an iced tea recipe that my mom used to make.  She always made the regular Lipton or Nestea iced tea, but sometimes she made the one that she wanted to make.  It was Mom and Dad's drink.

I think she must have used lemons in it or just the pulp from the lemons.  I remember not liking it very well.

One sleepover night when my best friend was sleeping over, she and I made our graveyard drink which included some of Mom's special tea.  And then we added laundry detergent, maybe soap and one or two other ingredients.  And we got a few unsuspecting siblings to try it and Mom's neighbor, Colleen.  I don't think she really sipped it.  She could see us laughing and knew not to sip.

But rest assured, this recipe on her site looks much better than our crazy concoction.

We grew up on iced tea.  We always had it around.  Mom made it and so did Nana.  I think Nana made her's a little sweeter than Mom did.  There was always one or two of those drink containers that we were always carting to the beach or to a picnic at Two Lights State Park or Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth.  And Scarborough Beach was one of our favorite places.

Another thing that was always around was the famous punch recipes.  Always delicious and I wouldn't be surprised if they spiked it a little for all of us.  They probably figured a little bit wouldn't hurt us.  Thank-you. It was deliche.

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