Tuesday, June 12, 2012


                                          Jennifer Jo Fay Fancy Photography

Below is my first list of prompts for writing poetry.  I think I got this written in a journal back in January.  That was when I realized I was writing poetry wrong without rhyme, meter or rhythm.  I don't rhyme anyway, but I didn't know that poetry had to have meter or rhythm even if it is free verse.

So, one day, I got one of those cheap grocery store notebooks and started writing all this down while my boyfriend was seeing the eye doctor.  In the waiting room, I was pumping out words.

So for a few weeks, these pages had been torn out of the notebook and were messy and the written notes were also in a jumble.  So, now I have finally typed them into here for my reference and for anyone else.

Feel free to borrow something and then to go off on your own wild horse.  They will be here for me too to come back to.

And who knows what I might come up with for this.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 12, 2012

                                          Jennifer Jo Fay  Fancy Photography

Silent Whispers            Life Well Lived                    So You Want to Build a Garden

Baby's Breath              Leave the door open             sheltered love                Garden's Gate

Loss            Her Zesty Orange               Zest of Life             Zest Poured Out              Frozen Charlotte

My life played out         She said she wouldn't wait for me                  Put on your coat              Don't

Kept Kisses                    Empty Box           Full Basket                 Nocturnal              She Waits for You

Suddenly                  Sands of dreams                  Grains of Love         Grains of time            

Mother's Wrath             A well kept mind            So you dare to dream?      Do With Me as you wish

Broken Doll                Cracked Doll               She broke the mirror                the golden curl

Cherish              Cheater                 Dare to float your own canoe             You know it   Set me free

Play telephone          Queen of the Toilets       Priority         Swollen heart           You know you will

Blue Blood Veins        Yes, I love you          Scalloped lace             Lone Shell         Scallop

In and out with the tide                     crashing waves          melting pot          Sulky Sue      Say I do

Red blood dropping         Change will you?            Turn me                   The Hosta Takeover  

Love me or kill me                Step on that crack             you know you're nuts when........

tragic heart                        let me count the ways              sudden leap                She jumped into her vessel

paisley              she wore it black              little black dress                Trampled dreams

Broken Dreams             Lying Eyes                    Black black heart              White sheets

The Hole                        Dare Me Double Dare             Dangling Feet        Really Brady Moment

Alter Ego              Unfolding             chinese whispers    intertwine            Ruby Slipper

Hidden words                  Colored dreams              The shoe fits                     Swallowed

hanging            Guess what?           Are you for real?                 Tell me how your garden grows

How do you know?          Sailor's Delight    love letters                    forgiveness                Erotic elevator

Where did you throw your heart?             Did I say you could do that?  (My dad would say that when he

caught me with a glass of kahlua and milk at a Christmas Eve family party)

A stone to step on                     no stone left unturned           Will you or won't you?  Who holds the key?

Hallow be thy name, from kingdom come            Black Soul              You will......

Silly soup                    You think you know me               Just do it             Words happen

Go tell it on the mountain                  You know you're sunk when.............    the tell tale girl

dreaming words                   silent winds slither            

                                           Jennifer Jo Fay Fancy Photography


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    you have some nice prompts here. Well done!
    New follower from Flock together Tuesdays.

  2. Thank-you very much. One of these days I'll probably write some poems or short stories from some of them. I'll check out your blog.

  3. These are great! Like you, I am a writer and poet. I am so glad to have found you on The Flock blog hop. We appear to have a lot in common. Am I correct, you have a son with Down's Syndrome? I have a brother with Down's syndrome... changed my life.

    I am grateful to have found you today - (And my blog post that is linked here is about advice from a novelist!)

  4. Thanks. It's nice to meet you. Yes, Jake has Down's. It definitely is a life changer. But you go with the flow. We were very lucky he had no heart problems. He was a mild case. I'll check out your blog today. Woke up early this morning and tried to take fog pictures of a river and it was too foggy.