Monday, June 18, 2012

Why women want Sexy Lingerie and Why Men love her in it!!

Here is a fun website for sexy lingerie from a fellow Linkedin friend.  Below are some of the sexy lingerie outfits and costumes.  A few of a large selection of great products.  There are teddies, swimwear, clubwear, corsets, lingerie babydolls, and many other pretty and fun accessories to delight your man.  And there are also a good selection of men's items too.

Why do women want sexy lingerie?  And Why do men love seeing their women in these delectible items?

The biggest reason would be sex appeal and the primary need to spice up our sex lives.  Who wouldn't want to wear some of this stuff?  I personally like the french maid outfit.  And I like the bottom one but would need one in a size to fit women who have had multiple children.

And what man wouldn't want to see a woman in the sexy santa lingerie?  Most would go hummada hummada!  Growl.  Moan.  Say sweet nothings and then some.  And then they would want to tear it off you faster than you can put it on.

I visited the site earlier today, and there are lots of really pretty stuff.  You can be a sexy geisha, maybe a whip girl, bondage, and lots of other costumes.  Maybe your man wants you to be a nurse or a cop.  Maybe you want to have an outfit for every role you want to play.

Maybe you want to be Bonnie and Clyde and you need a cops and robbers set.  Go for it.  There's a sexy porn nurse outfit.  That one was a little risque for my tastes, and some of the clubwear would be too.  Maybe you want to be your lover's private stripper and you have access to a private strip pole.

Or you want to be a quaint school girl like the above picture.  Or the sexy bunny or cat girl.

There's also some really pretty chemises, bras, and other stuff.

Why do we need it?  Sometimes we may feel like our sex life is in a rut and we want to spice it up.  This is just the place to go to get some little fun neccessities.  Wouldn't you just love to turn on your favorite hottie music and stroll erotically into the room and surprise him and arrouse him?  Turn him one while he's staining the furniture or got his body underneath the kitchen sink?  Okay, that's your plumber.  Whoops!!!  Oh, wait, I forgot.  He's role playing, for Christ's Sake!!!

Or maybe he's mowing the lawn and you go out in your red raincoat and pleasantly smirk and flash him.  A sure fire way to get him to stop mowing and take a break.  Or he will mow the lawn in two minutes for that fact!

Or you play hide and seek and go hide in the closet and he opens the door and says, "Peek-a-boo!  I see more of you!"

Or he's in the spare room bending over to find that darn cat that's not supposed to be in the spare room.  He turns around and you show him yours.  He knows he's just hit a gold mine.

And speaking of mines, maybe you want to play the game:  Honey, Little Timmy's stuck in the well, can you fish him out?"

"Sure snookums."  And when you pull him out, he's got his hot to trot man accessories and you have your clubwear on.  "Let's get it on."  Or better yet, stuck in the well together is a good ending to that one.

Or maybe you would rather play fireman and geisha stuck in the hot flames.  He's got his skimpy fireman badge and thong and you have your geisha costume on.  He'll love rescuing a rip roaring geisha sex kitten!!  Okay, a geisha with some cat ears.  Get inventive.

And make sure there are lots of candles and hot massage oils to set the mood.

Or maybe he's on the roof fixing the leaky hole  and you climb up in your barely there push up bra corset and a sliver of a thong.  Mind you, you're in the countryside and nobody else is looking except for your dog or cat or the little bunny rabbit or raccoon in the field.  Wait, no the raccoon is waiting in the dumpster after you're done and you're ready to throw out the trash.  And you quietly sneak up while he's pounding in a nail or a screw.  Oh wait, you can't put a screw into the roofing.  Or can you?

Or you decide you want to play woodland nymph and werewolf.  The hairier the better.  Who doesn't love a good werewolf or vampire.  That's the rage these days.

Or maybe you are playing hot and horny hag and sea faring sailor.  Go get some pirate bootie.  Okay and some Pirate Bootie popcorn to go with it.  Who says you can't eat while you play?

Well, anyway, if your marriage needs some extra spice even if you want to just play it normal Girl meets boy or Jane and Tarzan, there's some really fun lingerie just for you waiting there.

You set the mood.  Every relationship and marriage needs some fun and spice to keep it alive.  Your man will thank you for it.

Okay, well, I'm really none of the above, except for Girl Meets boy or Jane and Tarzan.  I'm really quite tame.  I like the sweet pretty stuff.  And yes, I even have the old Nana style nightgowns.

But the ultimate thing my man likes is my birthday suit.  Nothing beats that.

And the really fun thing I get to do as a writer is live vicariously in the writings.  So if anyone wants a good hot Shades of Gray style mystery read, check out my first published mystery at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon online.  Black Roses.

My kids can't read it until they are adults.  It's probably as hard core smut, bodice ripper as I will get.  Well, maybe more hot mysteries to come.  Main character is a stripper, so what do you expect?  Ha ha.

In real life, I'm as tame as they come.  Quite modest.

So, when in doubt.  Spice it up with Talk Sexy Lingerie.

Jennifer Jo Fay

June 18, 2012


  1. Fun post! I agree that both men and women love lingerie for various reasons. Heck, I did when I was smaller.. ha ha ha Now, I love pretty nightgowns...

  2. I like pretty nightgowns now. I've had four kids so all that barely there stuff wouldn't look good on me.

  3. I love the wide variety of topics on this blog. I like that you touch on controversial ones too. I'm really glad you found me on Blogaholic:) This is fun!

  4. Thank-you, Laurali. I try to mix it up and write about a lot of different things. Blogging is so much fun. I love it.

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