Monday, January 9, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day Nine

Welcome back to day nine of NaBloPoMo.  Speeding right along into the new year.  Don't you just love new beginnings?

I had to spend a little time this morning on my phone.  That girl from ebay sent me a message this morning that she wasn't going to return my doll and she took the time to send me a nasty message saying that she was going to give me negative feedback and tell everyone to NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER  this seller is fraud and other nasty stuff.

I emailed her a few messages back basically stating, Good lord, all I was asking was to send my doll back in a smaller package to save me five bucks.  I told her several times that I was going to refund her the full amount of the doll, the shipping and the return shipping cost.  But I stressed to her that I wouldn't refund her anything if she can't do her part and send the doll back.

I'm waiting for her next message.  Meanwhile on a happier note, I got an email from the guy who I purchased the wacom tablet that didn't work.  He responded that he had received the tablet back and would go ahead and refund me my money.

Well, this morning I was on my cell phone trying to call ebay to report her as she had sent me two to four threatening messages about giving me negative feedback and trying to destroy my reputation as a seller.  I was determined to report her.  Well, it was a pain in the neck as my cell phone kept cutting out, call disconnected, failed and when I finally got them on the phone it was a bad connection and they couldn't even hear me.  Then one guy heard me and then I was put on hold.  While I was waiting for someone to answer me, I got disconnected. 

I will need to take care of that tomorrow.  I will need to call Verizon and see if I can get my roaming capabilities fixed.  I can't have a phone that doesn't work every time I try to call someone.  I don't understand it.  I can talk to my boyfriend or sister no problem on my phone, but when I go to make a local call somewhere or to some company, I get all the frustrating problems with it.  Good god.  What if I needed to call 911?  I would hope that would work.  Or when you need to call your doctor to ask questions, you need a working phone.

Finally I decided to call Ebay on my boyfriends phone.  I got through and reported to issue to them.  I told them everything that had happened.  I even told them that I had made one mistake and told her she was crazy.  I told them I probably shouldn't have done that.  Then I told them that I was planning on giving her the full refund but she wasn't cooperating and didn't want to return the doll.  They fully understood me that I should have the doll sent back first before she gets her refund.

He put me on hold for a minute and then checked the emails.  They have access to all your messages to sellers and buyers.  After a few minutes he came back.  What he said was that if she ends up leaving me negative feedback, they can erase it and then send her a warning for extortion.  I hope she leaves negative feedback so that she can get in trouble and maybe kicked off the site for threatening me.  She would deserve it.

So in all my messages to her I have been as polite as possible as I don't want to get in trouble.  But I was asking her to mail it in a smaller box to save me a little money as I am without a job.  I told her if she is a nice person she will do that small favor for me and mail me my doll back.  No doll returned, no refund.

Well, aside from that I seem to be having a good day.  I woke up earlier today.  Yay!  I hate it when I end up sleeping too long.  Don't you feel like your day is wasted when we all do that?  Before you know it, half your day is gone.

I started my day with Rachel Ray.  That's a cool show.  I always enjoy watching her cook those cool healthy recipes.

I got busy on Helium today.  I did a few articles last night.  I have yet to earn anything there.  If I don't earn anything there, I might not want to waste my valuable time there.

I love it when the sun is out.  The light pours into the room and makes it for a beautiful day.  My boyfriends cats are sleeping.  Rascal and Tinkerbell.  Rascal is okay with me petting him, but Tinkerbell hisses at me every time I try to pet her.

So I know I have to look at her from a distance or else she will take her claws to me.  She's a pretty cat though.

I should upload some of my new photos later.  I took some cool pictures of some of my boyfriends marble collection.  He decided to display them on the other side of his window near his kitchen sink.  He likes old jars and has a lot of old marbles.

Speaking of marbles, I remember playing marbles when I was little.  Two boys, Billy and Kevin used to play with me all the time.  Why?  So they could steal my marbles every single time.  Like a fool, I kept playing marbles with them in hopes of winning my marbles back.  My boyfriend asked if they brought buckets with them.  They didn't but they might as well have.

My mom used to like the periwinkles and the little ballberrings.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 9, 2012

helium articles today:


This was a photograph I took back in college.  I used to take my sister into the big cemetary for a photosession.  I was striving for gothic and bizarre.  Our parents didn't like that we went into the cemetary.
Those were the days.

How many times did you ever do something back in college or high school that you would catch holy hell for?  I know my sister and I did things that we got in trouble for.  My sister once went to a party by herself in downtown Portland Maine.  My mom went into Portland looking for her.  I think she got grounded.

Then once I went to the Saco river in Maine and stuffed my wet clothing in my duffle bag and shoved it under the bed when I got home.  Well, Mom caught me and they were searching the house for my brother's escaped newt and she found my wet clothing.  Grounded for a week!

Ah, the good old days!

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