Friday, January 20, 2012

Drinking Coffee Helps Reduce Type 2 Diabetes

I was reading a little today about the facts that drinking coffee helps reduce Diabetes type 2.  And the more coffee you drink the better your chances of reducing the chance.

I love coffee.  I don't think I could ever quit.  I'm addicted.  I did cut back on my coffee intake though.  I was drinking at least two cups a day and then cut back to one cup.  I have been craving the large MacDonald's coffee for $1.09.  I ask for cream and sugar.

Then I get it home and need to add two to three more tablespoons of sugar.  I love my coffee sweet.  Coffee with my sugar?  Yes.  Even my nine year old daughter, Julia likes to have a few sips of my coffee.  One day, I came back to my cup of coffee and found it half gone.  A little culprit drank it.

Although, I am thinking where I need to add lots of sugar to my coffee every day, that probably isn't very good. 

And I could never drink it black.  I tried a sip once and thought it was terrible without sugar.

I even like those sweet coffee creamers, all flavors.  My sister loves them too.  She usually has hazelnut on hand.  Too bad she lives a few states away or else we would be sitting at each other's tables drinking coffee together and going shopping too.

And my daughter gave me a set of coffee flavorings for Christmas.  Of course they are gone.  And we needed a man to help us get them open.  Then Julia and I fixed ourselves a cup of coffee and added the flavorings.  I let her have a cup of coffee once in a while.  It wouldn't be good for her all the time, but on a special occasion, or a special treat, I let her have half a cup.  She usually gets hers watered down with extra milk.

Sometimes she would like the flavored creamers added to her milk.

So, now that I cut back to one cup of coffee, I am suddenly thinking I will go back to two cups a day.  I like the idea that it can reduce my chances for diabetes type 2.

My father has diabetes.  So it's possible as my siblings and I get older, we could get it too.

And thinking of coffee and food, I probably should start a walking routine soon for exercise.  That's another post.

Drink more coffee!  Lower your chances.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 20, 2012

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