Monday, January 16, 2012

Why We Don't Quit While We are Ahead

The big reason why we don't quit while we are ahead is because we are on a role.  It means do no stop what you are doing.  If you think you are in a good mode and you are succeeding in what you wanted to accomplish, by all means, do not stop.

You made it.  Now see if you can go further in your goals.  There has got to be another bend around the corner.  Your train hasn't stopped yet.  The fuel for the fire wants you to keep on going down the tracks.  You haven't stopped saying all you had to say yet.

Why do people quit when they are ahead?  They figure they reached the end of the map and they think they are done.  What if they think they are done, and they really weren't.  They stopped.  Which means they have to climb back on and perhaps begin again.

You have got to keep going.  When you reach a lull in your road and you wish something would happen, do not ever quit what you are doing.

It's like writing for Triond.  Don't quit way too soon.  I went in and wrote a bunch of poems tonight.  I can seem to just whip them up very easily.  Then i went in and began reading others stuff.  I typed up Triond in the content to search.  Someone had written an article about Triond.  I learned some things.  The person was saying that you should add about 20 friends a day and then you will eventually get more views to your stuff each day.  And of course comment on their stuff too.  It's kind of rubbing each other's backs and helping each other.  Most writing sites are like this.  You gain followers and friends and fans and you get more people viewing your stuff.

They have also said that after a while of writing google will begin to like you and place you higher in the ranks.  Interesting.

I guess you should never quit and just stop.  I mean, what if I was to stop blogging?  I don't think I could.  Even; though we don't earn that much from Google Adsense, we still like to blog and write.  It's in our blood.  We aspire to get more readers to our stuff.

So for those of you that decide to quit while you are ahead, hopefully you won't wish that you had stayed on and seen it to an end.  You probably weren't done.

Never quit.  Just find something new if you think you are done the other project.  You are on a role and should keep working at what you love to do.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 16, 2012

someone shared these on my igoogle page.  With the birds one above.  Is Tippy Hendren inside the truck freaking out?

And this zebra one is just plain old creative.  Whoever thought up to paint themselves like that was pretty clever.  Unless if it is some photography software trick.

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